Fortnite Creative Director all but confirms major DC collaboration in Season 6

The upcoming Batman Zero Point comics could be a portal into Fortnite4 Chapter 2 - Season 6 (Image via The Gotham Archives)
The upcoming Batman Zero Point comics could be a portal into Fortnite4 Chapter 2 - Season 6 (Image via The Gotham Archives)

Fortnite fans have been talking a lot about the Batman Zero Point comics recently. The comics are due to be released on April 2021 and may heavily influence the storyline in Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 6.

In a recent tweet, Fortnite Creative Director Donald Mustard acknowledged Fortnite, Epic Games, and DC, thanking them for letting him be a part of the upcoming Batman Zero Point comics. The tweet does not talk about any DC collaboration directly but heavily hints at the possibility of one.

Fortnite Creative Director's thank you note

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As Mustard mentioned in an interview with IGN, the previous collaborations with Fortnite and DC happened after conversations with Jim Lee, who happens to be DC's Chief Creative Officer.

However, with the comics, Batman and the Zero Point were shifting to a more focussed narrative, which made the Fortnite Creative Director turn towards Christoph Gage.

It's clear from the interview that it's highly likely there will be some major DC collaboration in Chapter 2 Season 6 with respect to the storyline in Fortnite. However, the lack of any confirmation concerning the same has kept Fortnite enthusiasts in the dark about the same.

A few Batman-themed skins will be available in the game after the launch of the comics. Players will be able to acquire these skins by redeeming the unique codes they find in these comics.

There will be six such comics with six unique codes. Players who redeem all six skins will get the Armored Batman skin as an achievement.

How does a DC collaboration fit in the game?

If there's a major DC collaboration, it'll be similar to the storyline in Chapter 2 Season 4 in Fortnite, when the game experienced a Marvel collaboration.

It'll be interesting to see how Batman fits in the Zero Point picture. What's more interesting is to see how the Caped Crusader deals with the Zero Point if he's involved in the storyline and if the Zero Point exists till the time he joins the island.


A recent theory by TheCampingRusher states the Zero Point may explode and destroy the map just before Chapter 2 Season 6 starts. He backs his claims by saying that the Zero Point in Season X in Fortnite looked as similar and unstable as the Zero Point now, so something chaotic is on the cards for the island's inhabitants.

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Edited by Ravi Iyer