Fortnite fans' beloved Tilted Towers is on the verge of absolute annihilation

Fortnite fans should bid their farewell to Tilted Towers (Image via Epic Games)
Fortnite fans should bid their farewell to Tilted Towers (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite fans around the world were shocked to see the state of Tilted Towers following the 20.30 update. The OG POI (Point of Interest) from Chapter 1 returned in Chapter 3, and has been a popular landing spot ever since.

However, the latest Chapter 3 Season 2 has turned Tilted Towers into a literal war zone. Apart from Sweat Insurance (of course), all major buildings in the region have been destroyed and The Seven is actively trying to regain control of the area.

Help Tilted Towers catch a break! Hop in now to complete quests towards Battle for Tilted Towers and clear the area of invading forces.

Here's why Tilted Towers might be removed from the game as Chapter 3 Season 2 progresses.

Fortnite promised to destroy Tilted Towers on one condition

Back in January 2022, Fortnite tweeted that if anything happened to the Klombos, they wouldn't resist eliminating Tilted Towers. At the time, loopers took this tweet as a joke for obvious reasons.

We’ve only had Klombos for a day, but if anything happened to them, we would eliminate all of Tilted.

However, the Klombos were vaulted with Chapter 3 Season 2. Apparently, the Imagined Order was trying to hurt the innocent dinosaurs and the large beasts went back to hibernating.

Interestingly, the Klombos' removal in Chapter 3 Season 2 was followed rather swiftly by Tilted Towers' destruction, and it seems like the developers weren't joking, after all.

@FortniteGame You weren't lying, huh?

Leaks have also suggested that Epic Games will release a version of Klombo that players will be able to kill. This contradicts their tweet from January, and it is safe to assume that Tilted Towers won't survive for a long time.

Epic are working on making Klombo killable now, now they're working on making them drop a special version of meat and 15 different types of loot: Ammo, Mats, Consumables & maybe weapons. That's why they added that "NPC Meat" item! #Fortnite[Via: @HYPEX]

IO Blimp over Tilted Towers will crash in Fortnite soon

Ever since the release of Chapter 3 Season 2, The Seven has been fighting the Imagined Order to control the Artemis map. The Foundation and his team have reclaimed Rocky Reels and several other POIs so far, but the most important battle is yet to take place.

According to the leaks, The Seven will control the entire map except Command Cavern before the live event takes place.

Here’s Stage 5 & 6 of the map

Tilted Towers is located at the heart of the map, and is strategically more important than any other location. The IO Blimp near the POI is still hovering and leaks have suggested that it will fall right into Loot Lake.

The Tilted Towers blimp will crash into Loot Lake, between the underwater shipping containers and the Drill. I wonder if the lake water will go down, because there are 2 IO chests UNDER the surface of the water...The Seven will also control Tilted by then.#Fortniteleaks

Some buildings in Tilted Towers haven't taken any damage at the moment, but players have reported that they are glitched in Replay mode. This could mean that they'll be destroyed in the near future.


The live event towards the end of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 is expected to take place in Loot Lake, where The Seven will take on Dr. Slone's Doomsday Machine.

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