Fortnite is getting UFOs that will abduct unsuspecting victims and drop them at random locations

UFOs are coming to Fortnite (Image via The Sociable)
UFOs are coming to Fortnite (Image via The Sociable)
Amitesh Dhar

Although this isn't a proper crossover in that sense, Fortnite is doing something that Mulder and Scully would definitely approve of. During the Fortnite 16.50 update, data miners found evidence that points to the arrival of UFOs in the game.

These UFOs will add a brand new dynamic to the game, especially the way in which they're being programmed to operate in Fortnite.

When do these UFOs come to Fortnite and how do they function?

Although there's no specific release date for this content yet, players can expect these UFOs to go live soon. The files associated with these UFOs are codenamed "Awful Duck."

When it comes to mechanics, these UFOs will be picking up players and will drop them at another location. This process will probably occur at random. The best part about this abduction is that players who get abducted will be healed and will have their shields replenished.

Popular data miner Hypex had initially found out information about these UFOs back in the Fortnite 16.30 update. He's also gone on to release what the abduction animation will look like, along with their sound files as well.

Funnily enough, right after the UFO information was revealed, fans spotted that the crops at Colossal Crops were replaced by tall grass. While this could probably point to the possibility of players seeing crop circles in the game, these crop circles would be an unnecessary addition to Fortnite.

However, no UFO theme is incomplete without crop circles.

That being said, this is going to be a very interesting mechanic once it goes live in the game. Since it's based on a random pattern, there's a high chance that the UFOs may not be enabled within Arena in Fortnite. This is primarily because it heals players during abduction, and that could prove to be an unfair advantage during an intense firefight.

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