Fortnite glitch allows players to attach bubbles and fireworks on their skin, here is how

Fortnite glitch adds animation to skins (image via GKI/YouTube)
Fortnite glitch adds animation to skins (image via GKI/YouTube)
Francis Banerjee

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 has certainly offered some of the most amazing content for gamers. However, the season was also flooded with all kinds of glitches that surfaced from time to time. While some of them helped gamers grind XP, others negatively influenced the gameplay.

However, there have been certain glitches that only change the visual appearance of the character or the game. These glitches are not at all harmful and can be used for entertainment purposes.

This article will reveal a recent glitch in Chapter 3 Season 1. Gamers can use this glitch to attach bubbles and fireworks on their skins in the game.

Fortnite's glitched emotes add animation to skins


Even though the in-game skins are quite amazing, adding animated effects such as bubbles or fireworks will certainly add to the oomph factor. Even though there are no direct ways to do it, loopers can certainly use glitched emotes to have the effects added to the cosmetics.

In order to trigger this glitch, gamers will need to use Trinity's Kick emote. This emote levitates the in-game character and there are bubbles that will rise up.

After using this emote, gamers will notice that the bubble effect continues to stay even when other emotes are being used. Gamers can even add this effect to the skins in Fortnite. They will simply be required to use this emote and then enter a changing booth.


Once inside, they can to switch to any other skin. After the change, they will notice that the bubble effect continues to stay even after coming out of the booth.

To apply the fireworks effect, gamers will need to use the Grand Salute emote. After that, switching to any other emotes or skin will keep the animated effect and gamers will experience fireworks bursting all around.

Are there any negative effects of using this glitch in Fortnite?


Some glitches affect the gameplay adversely and therefore, should not be used by loopers. However, the glitch mentioned above does not influence gameplay by any factor.

Hence, gamers can definitely use this glitch in Fortnite without any worries. Loopers are also advised to check out this glitch as soon as they can. This is because, once Epic gets to know about it, it will most likely get patched in the upcoming updates.

Edited by Abu Amjad Khan


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