Fortnite glitch puts player in such an awkward position that it's difficult to watch

Trinity Kick emote puts player in awkward position in Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)
Trinity Kick emote puts player in awkward position in Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fortnite is known for its glitches that can help Loopers in earning XP or break the game altogether. Obviously, such bugs are unintentional, and Epic Games always tries to patch them quickly.

Regardless, the community loves exploiting bugs, especially ones that can provide them with some sort of competitive advantage. For instance, the Erika skin in Chapter 3 Season 2 produced no sound if used with the Guardian Daggers pickaxe. Needless to say, players heavily used the glitch to surprise their opponents.

Not all bugs and glitches are similar in terms of the advantages they offer the player, and one glitch from Chapter 3 Season 1 ruined the concept of mini potions for a Looper. Here's what happened.

Fortnite player drinks slurp juice while being stuck in the Trinity Kick pose

Reddit user u/TubularTumbleWeed recently shared a video from Chapter 3 Season 1 on the game's official subreddit in which one of his teammates used the Trinity Kick emote and didn't return to the standard walking/sprinting posture.

Trinity Kick has been a controversial emote since its release for several reasons. It helps players hide among builds, and many call it a pay-to-win item. Moreover, the character jumps in the air with the legs spread, which may not be the most comfortable position.


In u/TubularTumbleWeed's video, their teammate used the emote. That's when the character glitched and remained in the awkward pose even while shooting and moving.

Things took a weirder turn when the player tried to drink a mini potion. Instead of the standard animation that involves opening the bottle and drinking, the character didn't move at all while the slurp bottle was positioned right between the legs.

This explains why u/TubularTumbleWeed joked about bleaching their eyes after watching the aforementioned sequence of events.

Fortnite fans react to the awkward glitch

It won't be an overstatement to say that the glitch shared by u/TubularTumbleWeed is one of the most unexpected things to happen in Fortnite.

Loopers on the subreddit couldn't resist making jokes about the glitch and asked the user to mark the clip as NSFW. Others claimed that Fortnite should now be rated M for Mature instead of T for Teens.


Unfortunately, there is no way for players to unsee the bizarre Trinity Kick emote glitch from the Reddit video. The developers definitely have a lot of amends to make to this emote unless they want more players to start experiencing similar glitches.

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