Fortnite: How to restore health & gain shields while on a rail grind

Fortnite Grind Rails
Players can now shoot and heal themselves while on a grind rail. (Image via Epic Games)

The Fortnite Season 2, Chapter 4 is here, and with it, a slew of new features will make the game more engaging than ever. The developers have finally added many long-anticipated additions to the game, including the Katana, a new pump shotgun, and the ability to grind on neon rails.

As soon as players land in Mega City and the surrounding POIs on the new map, they can gain access to quests that can level up their Battle Pass faster. Also, these quests introduce the players to the season's new features so they can get started on their way to the ultimate Victory Royale.

Included along with the new season, Epic Games has added a Supercharged XP boost available for all players that will be active until the next update, labeled v24.10. Until then, loopers can maximize this opportunity and complete the quests to level up faster.

One such quest requires you to restore your health or shields on a grind rail. Here's a guide to help you complete the challenge with ease.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 quest guide: Restore health or gain shields while on a grind rail


With the beginning of the new season comes a set of Week 0 quests that will introduce players to the newest features in-game. One of the major quests that help them get hold of a new mechanic is called Grind, which requires players to heal themselves up to either 100 shield or health units while riding a grind rail in Mega City POI.

Players can attempt to complete this quest in core game modes like Battle Royale or Zero Build to be rewarded with 12,000 XP, which will help them level up faster across their Battle Pass. To complete this quest efficiently in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2, follow these steps:

1) Land on the island and look for any consumable items nearby

Gather Consumables. (Image via YouTube/PerfectScore)
Gather Consumables. (Image via YouTube/PerfectScore)

To begin the quest, you must carry some consumable items that can heal you as you ride the grind rail. You can get these items directly at the Mega City POI or neighboring areas closer to the grind rails to start your Fortnite quest faster.

Carrying Small Shield Potions and Chug Splashes is advisable since you will already be in total health when you land. If your health bar goes below par, carry a Med Kit that can heal you completely.

2) Head to the Mega City POI and find a rail to start grinding on

Go to Mega City on the Fortnite map and find Grind Rails. (Image via YouTube/PerfectScore)
Go to Mega City on the Fortnite map and find Grind Rails. (Image via YouTube/PerfectScore)

Don't use consumables as soon as you have them in your inventory. Keep them stored and make your way to the Mega City POI, where you'll be able to see multiple grind rails encircling the entire Fortnite location.

Land closer to one of them and start grinding on the rail. However, you can also jump directly on one and press the grind button to start riding the rail.

3) Use your consumable items while riding the grind rails

Use your consumables while on the grind rail. (Image via YouTube/PerfectScore)
Use your consumables while on the grind rail. (Image via YouTube/PerfectScore)

When riding the rails, use your consumable items without moving forward. Once you leave the forward button and start healing, you will automatically slow down, and your quest will progress as long as you use the consumables on the grind rails.

To fully recover the 100 health or shield units, you must continue to use the consumables. However, how you distribute the 100 required units to complete the quest is up to you. You may do it all at once or split it between restoring 50 shields and 50 health.

4) Wait for the quest progress bar to show entirely before you stop grinding

Fortnite Week 0 Quest Complete progress. (Image via YouTube/PerfectScore)
Fortnite Week 0 Quest Complete progress. (Image via YouTube/PerfectScore)

Once you have healed up to 100 health or shield units, your quest progress bar will pop up, notifying you that it is completed. You will be granted 12,000 XP upon successful completion, which will help you progress faster along your Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 Battle Pass.

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