Fortnite leak reveals a sinister danger lurking on the map in ominous form

Kevin the Cube orbs spotted in Fortnite (Image via Reddit/HighSecurity7)
Kevin the Cube orbs spotted in Fortnite (Image via Reddit/HighSecurity7)

Chapter 2 - Season 7 of Fortnite is nearing its end, and the return of Kevin the Cube seems closer than ever. Most recently, players have found several purple spheres on the map that largely resemble Kevin.

These Kevin the Cube 'orbs' can only be seen in Replay mode in Fortnite. As of now, the community has spotted three areas near Corny Complex where players can spot the suspicious items.

Why are Kevin the Cube orbs appearing in Fortnite?

To start Chapter 2 - Season 8 with a bang, Fortnite will soon host a SkyFire event. As per the leaks, Dr. Slone and the IO will hide a bomb inside Corny Complex before the aliens abduct it with the Mothership.

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Thereafter, the CounterMeasure bomb hidden in Corny Complex shall explode and destroy the Mothership. This will also put an end to the ongoing alien invasion.

Locations of Kevin the Cube spheres on the Fortnite map (Image via Reddit/HighSecurity7)
Locations of Kevin the Cube spheres on the Fortnite map (Image via Reddit/HighSecurity7)

Reddit user HighSecurity7 further discovered that these Kevin the Cube orbs will be used for challenges. Some players believe that they will have to collect alien environment samples for Dr. Slone from these mysterious spheres.

Apparently, the IO and Dr. Slone will use these purple spheres to hide the CounterMeasure bomb from the aliens.


The connection between Kevin the Cube orbs and the IO also implies that the Imagined Order has the technology to channelize Rift Energy on the Fortnite island.

A Kevin the Cube skin is also in the works

Following months of anticipation, it seems like Kevin the Cube is finally returning to Fortnite. From the aforementioned orbs to the game files, there's plenty of evidence that hints at this massive return.

From the looks of it, Chapter 2 - Season 8 will have a ton of content that will revolve around Kevin the Cube.

Leaks have suggested a POI in the upcoming season, named Cubes, which will most likely feature Kevin.

Moreover, HYPEX has claimed that a Kevin Couture skin is in the works already. The concept was first showcased in a survey by Epic Games and will now arrive with a back bling, pickaxe, wrap and glider.

All in all, it is safe to assume that players will witness some mind-blowing changes in Fortnite in the upcoming weeks. The alien-themed season has been a huge success, and the hype for the upcoming Halloween/Egpytian-themed Chapter 2 - Season 8 is sky-scraping as well.

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