Fortnite Mega City dragon trapping players in most unpredictable ways

The Mega City Dragon (Image via Epic Games)
The Mega City Dragon (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite has introduced an incredible new point of interest (POI) as part of the new map Mega City. It is the hottest drop on the island right now as it is a massive city inspired by Tokyo, so there's plenty of loot, and it is also one of the coolest-looking POIs in the game.

There's also a dragon atop one of the buildings. It could easily be a mech that will come to life as the season progresses, similar to the mech fight from Chapter 1 Season 9. However, there's no telling whether it's a benevolent mech or one that's dangerous.

However, it is somewhat harmful at present, as it traps and kills players. Here's how players are getting killed by the dragon and how you can avoid it.

How Fortnite Mega City dragon is killing players


When flying into Mega City, it's impossible not to see the dragon lying on top of one of the buildings due to its massive size and unexpected addition to the game.

However, it can be harmful. It currently has a wind tunnel that can be used to fly away, much like other creatures in previous Fortnite seasons.

The dragon doesn't lay flat on the building, which means it is possible to get underneath it. This could theoretically be a good hiding place for someone who waited and then flew away when they needed to.

However, certain points under the dragon are impossible to get out of. There are visible ways to free oneself, but the game doesn't allow players to escape no matter what they do. They're trapped at that point.

Waiting underneath the Mega City dragon could take a long time if the storm is kind. However, Mega City isn't in the middle of the map, often resulting in early deaths for players.

Death by being stuck in the storm (Image via GKI on YouTube)
Death by being stuck in the storm (Image via GKI on YouTube)

The only way out is if all the remaining players kill themselves and others, and the Fortnite storm is perfect.

Given that this was discovered and shared by Glitch King, a popular YouTuber who routinely shares XP glitches and game breaks with the community, it is reasonable to assume that this is not an intended feature added by Epic Games.

The dragon is likely not supposed to trap anyone, and players should be able to fly freely in and around it.

That also means that it's likely going to get patched eventually. Since it's not exactly game-breaking, Epic won't rush a patch. However, they will likely fix it sometime soon.

Until then, avoid going near the dragon, or you might end up trapped with no way to fly away, which is not how you would want to spend an entire Fortnite match.

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