Fortnite No Build Mode revolutionized the game in ways nobody imagined, but more is yet to come

Permanent Zero Build modes have changed Fortnite forever! (Image via Epic Games)
Permanent Zero Build modes have changed Fortnite forever! (Image via Epic Games)

Introducing the Zero Build mode in Fortnite is one of the boldest moves ever by Epic Games. A game that made a name for itself by the unique building and editing mechanics no longer compels its players to use them.

New players were clearly struggling to enjoy Epic Games' BR title due to the ever-increasing skill gap. Building and editing became irreplaceable parts of the meta, and other elements like shooting and mobility seemed irrelevant.


Here's how Zero Build modes have revolutionized Fortnite in many positive ways.

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Why Zero Build mode in Fortnite was a tremendous success

Chapter 3 Season 2 surprised the community because building was removed from all public matches. The Imagined Order disabled the mechanic to stomp the loopers and win its war against The Seven.

Running ❌ Sprinting ✅Get where you’re going quicker with the all new Sprint!

This was the perfect way to determine how the massive player base would react to a Zero Build mode. Even though some pros and sweats were enraged, content creators and casuals were elated.

Epic Games released the Zero Build mode after a positive response. They also included Zero Build tournaments for the Chapter 3 Season 2 Competitive schedule.

The likes of Nick Eh 30 and Tfue took part in Zero Build tournaments and loved every bit of them. They are already eager to play in more such tourneys.

Feeling confident. $10k Zero Builds Fortnite tourney today!!Zero Builds is what I live for. WE ARE GONNA DO EHMAZING!
No building duo cup was the funnest I’ve had in years on this game @FortniteGame
More zero build tournaments @FortniteGame @FNCompetitive, please and thank you! 🙌🏻

What's next for Zero Build modes in Fortnite?

It won't be an overstatement that Fortnite, with and without building, feels like two different games. With building available, sweats can make sky-scrapers within seconds, which is naturally intimidating for anyone who's just started playing.

Feels good to play fortnite without the other person building the fucking Taj mahal the moment I open fire.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Zero Build mode allows loopers to use features like Tactical Sprint and Mantling (Parkour). They cannot expect to get away with building and editing. Adapting to aim, weapons, and vehicles is much easier.

Fortnite w/ no building gives me the hardest OG fortnite vibes ever. Enjoy this simple but clean shockwave clip.

Long story short, the Battle Royale title is now enjoyable not just for veterans but also for millions of new players. Content creators can breathe a sigh of relief as they won't face sweats that do not let them try meme strategies.

Fortnite with no building > most fun I’ve had on Fortnite in YEARS.

Pros and tryhards who are proud of their skills can still play Arena and public modes with building enabled, where they will face like-minded players. Moreover, competitive games will be much more watch-worthy as new players/casuals will be able to relate more with the Zero Build mode pros.

Some players might argue that building is what 'Fortnite' is all about, but the world of gaming changes quickly. Epic Games is simply making its community larger by providing gamers with freedom. With improvements in gunplay and loot pool, its most ambitious game can easily become one of the best shooters.

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