Fortnite player concocts the most realistic looking Shield pots

Fortnite player recreates in-game Shield Potions in real life (Image via Epic Games)
Fortnite player recreates in-game Shield Potions in real life (Image via Epic Games)

Shield potions are arguably the most popular shield item in Fortnite ever. Interestingly, they've never been added to the Vault and have been an integral part of both casual as well as competitive gameplay.

Small shield potions, also known as minis, have been an equally important part of the meta ever since the game's inception. It is impossible to imagine a match in which players do not use these items to quickly get 25 or 50 shield points.

Here's how a looper recently showcased their admiration for shield potions by recreating them in real life.

Fortnite player amazes the community by making real-life shield potions

Prominent Fortnite leaker JorgeMost has successfully built a large audience by leaking upcoming content. However, they recently surprised their followers by posting a real-life Shield Potion alongside two minis.

Escudos de Fortnite en la vida real. 📸 u/lydibro5

The design of the three bottles is rather identical to the ones that we see in the game. Moreover, they contain real-life 'slurp juice' that any looper would be tempted to try.

Within just five days, the post received thousands of likes from gamers worldwide, and was retweeted by hundreds of Twitter users.

It was evident that players loved the concept and wanted more in-game items to be recreated in real life. Just to name a few, these include bandages, med mist, pizza party, harpoon gun, and more.

Y’all ni🅱️🅱️as tweakin, these the real fortnite minis (Blue Little Hug)

Fortnite players react to the most realistic looking shield pots

The response towards JorgeMost's realistic shield potion has been overwhelmingly positive so far. While some players joked about the ill effects of consuming slurp juice in real life, others wondered what the ingredients to make 'blue juice' were.

One viewer hilariously claimed that the creator had used a blue moisturizer to make the perfect 'slurp juice.' On the other end of the spectrum, players from Mexico have stated that the Kosako drinks in their country closely resemble the game's shield potion.

In the world of the internet, popularity comes with unnecessary criticism. JorgeMost's shield potions are no exception, as some players called them impractical owing to the size difference. Apparently, the two mini potions (25+25 shield points) can be held in a single hand, while the larger Shield Potion (50 shield points) is as big as a bucket in the game.

⛏️⛏️📝 Fortnite in real life

Nevertheless, many users wish to purchase authentic Fortnite shield potions, and why not? Such eye-catching vibrant items will constantly remind them of their favorite battle royale title.


It is clear that such concepts from fans are heavily appreciated by the community. The developers themselves want to promote inventiveness through modes like Creative, and watching someone make real-life props is always a delight.

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