Fortnite player reports strange anomaly in the sky ahead of Chapter 3 Season 4 live event

Fortnite glitch
Fortnite players experience an unusual glitch (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite players are eagerly expecting a new live event. If everything goes according to plan, the "Fracture" event will be released on Saturday, December 3, and will conclude Chapter 3.

Epic Games is slowly wrapping up the current chapter and getting everything ready for the next one. Unfortunately, it appears that the development team has messed up a few things as a player has reported a very unusual anomaly in the sky.

This article will reveal everything we know about the aberration and what it could be related to. We'll also take a look at the upcoming live event and how it may be connected to the glitch that the player recently experienced.

Note: This article contains possible spoilers regarding the upcoming live event.

Strange Fortnite anomaly has appeared on the island

Reddit user Suspicious-Sky9116 posted a video of a strange anomaly that happened during their game. It turns out that many other players have seen this, which is very unusual.

While fans know that Fortnite has several bugs, what makes the latest one odd is that it has something to do with trees. Based on the latest leak, players will play a huge role during the Fracture live event, which is why there is a chance that Epic Games accidentally released something that was supposed to take place next Saturday.

The latest Fortnite glitch shows unusual behavior by trees (Image via Epic Games)
The latest Fortnite glitch shows unusual behavior by trees (Image via Epic Games)

As you can see in the video above, trees are bouncing up and down, which is very unusual. However, if you pay close attention to the video, you will notice that the trees in the back are not moving, meaning that they are affected by something.

If the latest Fortnite leak is true, Chrome tornadoes will interact with trees during the upcoming event. They are a force of nature and are capable of lifting both characters and objects, so it won't be surprising if they do this to trees, including the Reality Tree.

While most Reddit users posted funny comments and memes, some believe that the player received a sneak peek at the Fracture live event, which may turn out to be the case.

Fracture live event will come next Saturday

The glitch may have something to do with the upcoming live event (Image via Epic Games)
The glitch may have something to do with the upcoming live event (Image via Epic Games)

Epic Games announced official information regarding the Fracture live event on Tuesday, November 22. The video game developer released some interesting details regarding the event, including its exact release time, duration, and the free reward players will get during it.

With this blog post, Epic also revealed the first-ever teaser for the upcoming Fortnite live event. Just like the leak, it shows a lot of Chrome tornadoes taking over the map and destroying it. Due to this, there is a good chance that the latest information is true.

It's hard to believe that the Fortnite anomaly is just a coincidence. It is very likely that it will play a huge role in the event and we can expect Chrome tornadoes to even destroy the Reality Tree.

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