Fortnite player's Chapter 1 Season 4 clip brings back nostalgic memories for thousands

Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 4 had a superheroes theme (Image via Epic Games)
Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 4 had a superheroes theme (Image via Epic Games)

Chapter 1 Season 4 is arguably one of the best Fortnite seasons ever. It was ground-breaking in terms of skins, lore, gameplay changes, and live events, among other things.

The first member of The Seven, called The Visitor, was revealed during Chapter 1 Season 4, which eventually led to the first-ever in-game live event called Blast Off.

Today is the 4th anniversary of Chapter 1 Season 4, one of the most iconic Fortnite seasons of all time!How high do you rank this season amongst the other seasons? and how much do you rate it out of 10?

A YouTuber recently shared his first-ever Fortnite clip from 2018, and it hit thousands of fans with nostalgia.

Fortnite fans look back at the OG Pump Shotgun from Chapter 1 Season 4

The clip began with ClimbingGoat landing at Moisty Mire, an OG POI. Interestingly, Chapter 1 Season 4, was the last time players witnessed this location as it was replaced by Paradise Palms in Chapter 1 Season 5.


After that, ClimbingGoat opened a chest and picked up the OG Scar and some bandages. The YouTuber then found a blue Pump Shotgun and the OG sound effect upon picking it up was enough to bring back a ton of memories.

The clip got even better as ClimbingGoat came across a player who had just built two ramps in the most non-intimidating manner. The opponent then proceeded to jump from the ramp and the blue Pump Shotgun dealt 136 damage with a headshot.

There were so many elements in the video that showed how much Epic Games' battle royale title has changed in the past four years.

Fortnite chapter 1 season 4 was released today good times no stress no nothing just vibes

Why Fortnite Chapter 1 is called the golden era

The clip shared by ClimbingGoat is oddly satisfying for anyone who's played Chapter 1. The game was new and players were still getting better at building and editing.

As opposed to 2022, Loopers in 2018 didn't play to win. Instead, they enjoyed that Epic Games has come up with a unique Battle Royale game. It was common for Loopers not to eliminate each other while completing in-game quests and challenges.

Let's be real: if fortnite chapter 1 came back it would never feel the same solely because the community is now several dozen times worse than it was in 2018

However, this narrative has significantly changed in the past two years. Players and content creators have improved their skills and the skill gap between veterans and new players increased severely.

Epic Games had to release a Zero Build mode so that newbies and casuals could enjoy the game without the fear of getting stomped by a sweat.

@overstrand Fortnite chapter 1 can never be topped😫😭😭

This is not to say that Fortnite has deteriorated as a game. In fact, with frequent crossovers and live events, it is still one of the biggest games in the world. Chapter 3 Season 2 is live where Loopers need to help The Seven and defeat the Imagined Order.

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