Fortnite Ranks: How many divisions are there in Arena?

Fortnite Arena Divisions (Image via Epic Games)
Fortnite Arena Divisions (Image via Epic Games)

While there are several competitive game modes in Fortnite, Arena is the most popular among fans. Unlike pubs, Arena is where players go to compete against some of the best players in the game. Starting at the lowest rank, players can climb up the ladder as they continue to fare well in games.

A player's Arena rank is the perfect representation of their skill. The competitive game mode has several divisions, and players can rank up by earning Hype points The highest-ranked players also get to compete in official tournaments with cash prizes. Given the high stakes, Epic Games has ensured that climbing the ranks in the Arena will not be a piece of cake.

To determine how good a player is, one can check their Fortnite Arena rank. Based on their Hype points and division, players are divided into three main categories, titled:

  • Open League
  • Contender League
  • Champion League

Breakdown of Fortnite Arena ranks in Competitive mode

Epic Games added the Arena game mode to the Battle Royale in update v8.20, and it changed the game forever. Arena gives players a chance to take the game more seriously. The challenging gameplay and the thrill of continuing to climb higher motivates a lot of players to continue playing the game.

The three main leagues are further divided into 10 divisions. One's placement in these divisions depends on how many Hype Points they earn in an Arena season.


Here is how the Arena is divided based on Hype Points in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3:

Open League (0-1,999)

  • Open League I: 0-399
  • Open League II: 400-799
  • Open League III: 800-1,199
  • Open League IV: 1,200-1,999

Contender League (2,000-7,499)

  • Contender League I: 2,000-2,999
  • Contender League II: 3,000-4,999
  • Contender League III: 5,000-7,499

Champion League (7,500-15,000)

  • Champion League I: 7,500-9,999
  • Champion League II: 10,000-14,999
  • Champion League III: 15,000+

Lobbies in the Open League are easier, and players can place much higher. There is no bus fare in the Open League, so players do not lose points even if they perform poorly. The Contender League is relatively harder as it has more sweaty players, and performing poorly can lead to the loss of Hype Points due to Bus Fare.

The Champion League is the highest league in Fortnite Arena mode, and only the best manage to reach the top three divisions. Players in the Champion League also get exclusive access to tournaments with Cash Prizes.

When will the current Fortnite Arena season end?

The Arena's Hype Points reset every once in a while. The cycle of Hype Points is similar to the season length. Therefore, Chapter 3 Season 3 points will reset after the ongoing season ends. According to the Battle Pass menu, the current season will come to an end on Oct. 2, 2022.

What's your fortnite arena division?

Players have 68 days to reach as high as they can on the Fortnite Arena leaderboard. This would mean getting as many Victory Royales as possible. The Arena mode is unlike pubs, and players will need to apply different strategies to climb through the ranks.

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