Fortnite Reality Seed locations: Where to collect and plant saplings

Reality Seed (Image via Epic Games)
Reality Seed (Image via Epic Games)

The new game map that debuted in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 has Reality Seeds located across most of its western side. This is primarily because that particular side has been transformed by the Zero Point and the Reality Tree.

Interestingly, these Seeds are rather important as they grow into plants that can produce fruit containing good loot. In fact, over time, they can mature all the way into Mythic fruit that drops Mythic items. Furthermore, the Seeds are also part of this week's challenge to earn more XP in Chapter 3 Season 3.

Week 1 Challenges are out now!The bottom two challenges are replacements for if a higher up one is bugged.

These Seeds can be acquired in Reality Falls, a new POI that was introduced as a result of the Zero Point blooming and creating the Reality Tree. The article below will show players how to get the Seeds from them.

Reality Pod (Image via Epic Games)
Reality Pod (Image via Epic Games)

How to find Reality Seeds in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Loopers can find the new Seeds by following the instructions listed below:

1) Break the pods with a harvesting tool

Reality Pods spawn in and around Reality Falls, especially near the Reality Tree itself. Although these pods have 2,000 health points, they can be broken pretty easily. Three Reality Seeds should shoot out of the Pod once it has been broken.


2) Collect the Seeds from the ground

Three Seeds will drop in random spots around the now destroyed pod. They will not fall too far away from the original Pod, but loopers may have to move around to find all three.

Reality Seed from a pod (Image via Fortnite Events on YouTube)
Reality Seed from a pod (Image via Fortnite Events on YouTube)

3) Pick them up from Reality Saplings

A Reality Seed, when planted, can produce fruit. When players harvest this fruit, there is a chance for it to drop another Reality Seed, that can also be used to complete the challenge.

Reality Seed (Image via Fortnite Events on YouTube)
Reality Seed (Image via Fortnite Events on YouTube)

Fortnite players can then pick them up and hold them in their inventory. Doing so with three seeds will complete one of this week's challenges, rewarding players with approximately 15 thousand seasonal XP.

What to do with Reality Seeds in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Now that gamers have collected three Reality Seeds, the challenge is complete, but Reality Seeds are actually a very useful item to have besides holding them for the weekly challenge.

1) Plant the seed

Players should find a location on the map that is safe and easy to return to in future matches. There, they can throw the Reality Seed into the ground, where it will be 'planted' and become a sapling.

legendary reality sapling ✨

This Reality Sapling now belongs to the one who threw the Seed down to plant it.

2) Weed the plant as needed

Over time, which will be counted down on the map, the plant will need to be weeded so it can grow.

Every time players weed the plant, it begins maturing into a better plant. The very first weeding session will turn the fruit into Rare fruit, which will produce Rare weapons and ammo.


Fortnite players can collect the fruit at any time they want to do so. If they want Rare weapons, they can harvest all three and their Sapling will no longer have fruit.

This can also produce more Seeds, as mentioned above. However, patience is key in this particular situation.

3) Wait for better fruit

If players wait it out for the next weeding opportunity, they will then have Epic fruit. Weeding and waiting for it once again will turn the fruit into Legendary fruit. The final round will have the Sapling producing Mythic weapons, which is the final stage of maturity for the Reality Sapling.

For those who have already gotten the Reality Sapling to Mythic once, what did you get?I got a Mythic Hammer Assault Rifle!

Currently, this seems to be the only way to get Mythics in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3. As of yet, there are no hostile bosses on the island like Gunnar, Slone or Huntmaster Saber. Mythics can only be found in the Saplings, which also makes them a lot more challenging to acquire.

Chapter 3 Season 3 finally arrived a few days ago and has already changed a lot within the game. Skins of Darth Vader and Indiana Jones have entered the fray, and the best way for players to get their hands on the prized Vader skin is by completing challenges like the one in this article.

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