Fortnite's Donald Mustard follows an NFT pioneer on Twitter, fans lose their minds

Fortnite creator Donald Mustard now follows an NFT pioneer on Twitter (Image via Sportskeeda)
Fortnite creator Donald Mustard now follows an NFT pioneer on Twitter (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fortnite developer Donald Mustard recently followed an NFT enthusiast on Twitter. Epic Games has already clarified its stance on NFTs, and players are now worried that the developers will add them to the Battle Royale game.

Epic Games recently stated that it is open to having games that use blockchain and NFTs in its store. The statement sparked a debate among fans, and Donald Mustard's recent move has raised concerns in the minds of many players yet again.

This article will explain whether players should be worried about Donald Mustard following the founder and CEO of Meta.

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Fortnite developer Donald Mustard follows the founder and CEO of meta on Twitter

Fans worldwide love to keep track of Donald Mustard's activities on social media platforms. As it turns out, he loves to tease upcoming events through images and videos.

However, it seems like loopers weren't pleased when they discovered that Donald Mustard now follows a person who is clearly into NFTs. The latter is the founder of META, which wishes to create multi-sensory live experiences with technology, stories, and music.

It is no surprise that MetaJB has an NFT profile picture on Twitter. Donald Mustard follows several accounts with an NFT profile picture, but this is the only account centered around Metaverse and NFTs.

Fortnite players planning to quit the game if Epic Games introduces NFTs

Donald Mustard has received a mixed response from fans for following MetaJB on Twitter. While some believe that the arrival of NFTs in prominent games is inevitable, others were outraged at the thought of having NFTs in the Item Shop.


Many players in a deleted post on Reddit claimed that they would quit playing the game if they added NFTs. On the flip side, some loopers were sure that even if NFTs are introduced, it won't change the core Battle Royale mechanics.

It is worth noting that cosmetics in Fortnite are already similar to NFTs in certain regards. These are digital assets that players can own by spending real money. However, they cannot be sold for profit after that.

Moreover, Fortnite itself seems like the ideal metaverse. Players can spend time with their digital avatars in several game modes and even participate in live events together.

Hence, Donald Mustard following an 'NFT person' could mean something or nothing. Tim Sweeney from Epic Games recently stated that the company isn't going to touch NFTs, but there could be a change of plans.

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