Fortnite's The Foundation meets IO boss, here is how it goes

The Seven vs IO (Image via By Post on YouTube)
The Seven vs IO (Image via By Post on YouTube)

In Fortnite, The Seven and the Imagined Order have been at odds for quite some time. The Imagined Order surfaced in Chapter 2 Season 7, and pretended to be the good guys.

Ultimately, Slone and her guards turned on loopers and worked with the Cube Queen in Chapter 2 Season 8. The Chapter 2 Season 8 event finally gave players a look at Dwayne Johnson's The Foundation.

In the event, it was clear that Slone and The Foundation had fought before. In fact, Slone thought she killed him. The two organizations have a long and heated history. They don't like each other.

It begs the question: What would happen if they met on the island? Sure, players can suit up as one of the characters, but it's not the actual character. One YouTuber decided to try it with the real NPCs. Here's what happened.

Fortnite YouTuber forces IO bosses to meet with The Seven


Normally, an endeavor like this would be near impossible. The IO bosses, in this case, Doctor Slone and Huntmaster Saber, are close to each other, but The Seven NPCs (and Peely, who was also involved) are nowhere near them.

Additionally, traveling from all the NPC locations to the middle of the map would be nearly impossible without dying to enemies or the storm. In Creative mode, it's possible, though.

They began by walling off the two locations that the IO guards were in, The Collider and The Fortress. They also had to make a tunnel to get some of the NPCs where they needed to go.

It was a difficult build and undoubtedly took a long time to complete. They began by getting The Scientist and The Imagined in a truck and transporting them outside the wall.

Second, the Visitor needed to be brought, which was a little more complicated. They ultimately had to grab him with a fishing rod and pull him to the center so that he was ready when the battle happened.

Slone has clones (Image via Epic Games)
Slone has clones (Image via Epic Games)

When they got NPCs close enough, they would box them in so that they could edit the back wall and release them into the "arena" they had built. The Foundation was the final and most difficult NPC to bring to the middle, but they could eventually do it.

They ran into wolves on the way, which can trigger The Foundation. They killed the wolves while driving away from them, which took some time but ultimately didn't pull The Foundation away from the truck.

They boxed him up like the others, but The Foundation had a pickaxe, so they had to constantly build new walls in front of him. When they released the Fortnite NPCs, the battle began, and Slone, as many Fortnite players have experienced, cloned herself.

@FortniteGame @FitzyLeakz @ShoutaMagatsu @Wendys Epic games knows what they did they might wanna fix the imagined skin

The Origin went down first while the rest of the Fortnite NPCs fought valiantly. Once The Foundation saw Doctor Slone, he conjured up his huge rock, destroyed his "cage" with it, and began fighting.

The Foundation and Huntmaster Saber had an epic battle. Hilariously, if a Seven NPC hit another NPC, the one they hit would turn hostile and effectively fight for the IO.

Eventually, The Imagined defeated Doctor Slone, removing her clones. This effectively won the battle for The Seven. Perhaps a sneak peek of the impending conflict? Fortnite players will have to watch at the end of the season.

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