Fortnite: Where to 'dance for 10 seconds at Sweaty Sands' — Week 4 challenge guide

Fortnite Week 4 challenge (Image Credit: Gamespot)
Fortnite Week 4 challenge (Image Credit: Gamespot)

Fortnite's Week 4 challenges are here, and they are pretty easy to complete when compared to other challenges in the game. One of challenges, called 'collect floating rings around the pleasant park', had a glitch that was reported, where many players couldn't see the rings. As a result, Epic Games decided to complete the challenge for everyone and give them all experience points.

However, not all challenges are glitched, as one requires the player to 'dance for 10 seconds at Sweaty Sands', which is a really easy mission to complete if you know the location of the place to dance.

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In this article, we will be discussing the exact location where you can complete the challenge and earn experience points.

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Where is the location to dance for 10 seconds in Fortnite?

Step #1- Land at Sweaty Sands and look for this exact place on the map. Here is a picture of the location where you need to be:

Exact Map Location of the week 4 challenge in Fortnite. (Image Credit: Forbes)
Exact Map Location of the week 4 challenge in Fortnite. (Image Credit: Forbes)

Step #2- After reaching there, you should see a retro camera under a tent, facing a small dance floor.

Step #3- Get on the dance floor and perform any of your emotes for 10 seconds non-stop to complete the mission.

After completing the mission, you will receive 35000 experience points, which will help level up your battle pass and unlock cool new rewards in the game. Challenges like these help players enjoy Fortnite and perform fun activities on the new map.

Here is a video guide for you to complete the challenge as well:


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