Fortnite Season 4: How new mythic abilities are breaking the game

Wolverine and Storm's mythic abilities could be used to neglect fall damage in Fortnite
Wolverine and Storm's mythic abilities could be used to neglect fall damage in Fortnite

Fortnite Season 4 has been remarkable so far, and gamers are loving the new additions in-game. Earlier, when a Marvel-themed season was leaked on the internet, the community had strong opinions about the game being commercialized.

However, the developers had ample things to offer players in terms of gameplay and cosmetics in the newest season of Fortnite.

Apart from the new Marvel cosmetics that were introduced in-game, there were a bunch of Marvel POIs and season-exclusive mythic abilities that made their way into the game as well. These are exciting additions to Fortnite, and players seem to be having mixed opinions about these mythic abilities.

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Fortnite has a vast history of experimentation, as when the Infinity Blade and other overpowered items were added in the game, breaking its meta. In this article, we look at some recently added mythic abilities that are doing the same.

Fortnite Season 4 mythic abilities are breaking the game's meta

With superheroes' introduction in the current season, not having superhero abilities sounded like missing a crucial part of the puzzle. Thus, Fortnite slowly started adding mythic abilities in-game, and players have so far loved it.

Who doesn't want to shoot a giant ball of energy at the enemies and demolish them alive? That is the ultimate fantasy of a comic book nerd in a video game!

Dr Doom using his mythical ability in Fortnite (Image Credits: Epic Games)
Dr Doom using his mythical ability in Fortnite (Image Credits: Epic Games)

However, the developers have added more bosses and mythic abilities, and some of these abilities are undoubtedly overpowered, though fun. If we look at Iron Man's mythic power, Unibeam, it deals 90 damage and goes through all the builds.

Moreover, Storm and Wolverine's mythical abilities allow players to neglect fall damage, promoting sky bases as well.

These skills are not a problem in the Limited-Time Marvel-themed game modes, where players do not care about winning matches and have fun with their friends. However, if these items make their way to the competitive scene, it could obliterate the game's meta and make for some easy unfair victories.

Do keep in mind that every mythical ability is not overpowered. However, some items could make the gaming experience unpleasant for players.

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These mythical abilities do provide a fresh perspective on the game, and punish sweaty gamers for overbuilding, which could be a great thing for beginners. However, the skill level required is slightly getting reduced, and it could potentially hamper the competitive integrity of Fortnite.

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