Fortnite Season 7: All new bosses, mythic and exotic weapons

Fortnite Season 7 bosses (Image via Twitter)
Fortnite Season 7 bosses (Image via Twitter)

Epic has recently rolled out Fortnite Season 7 with the v17.00 update. The alien-themed season has many new features added to the game that have hyped gamers since the end of Season 6.

The Battle Pass trailer revealed the storyline of Fortnite Season 7. The trailer also revealed the cosmetic rewards loopers would get by ranking up the tiers. Season 7 also has new bosses spread across the map. Defeating these bosses will grant special weapons to gamers.

Ever since the season was released, gamers have been wondering about the location of these bosses. This article will dive into the details of the new bosses on the island and provide information on the weapon that is up for grabs.

Fortnite Season 7: Location of bosses revealed

1) Dr. Slone

The first boss on the list is the mysterious doctor that has made an appearance in Fortnite Season 7. Loopers are aware of Dr. Slone as the one to whom Agen Jones used to report. Apparently, she is the one heading the war against the alien invasion.

Dr. Slone is located in the middle of Fortnite Island, where the newly revealed Corny Complex came up. A two-story house just above the Corny Complex has a shortcut to reach Dr. Slone.

Loopers should be careful as IO Guards are often found in this POI. Gamers need to enter the house and come to the rear end of the building. Loopers will notice a toilet located in one corner. The toilet will take gamers to Dr. Slone quicker than any other route.

Once gamers reach the basement, they can encounter Dr. Slone. Loopers should note that Dr. Slone has the ability to teleport, and she summons two clones to fight by her side.

Defeating Dr. Slone can be tricky, and it is advised that gamers carry adequate weapons, ammunition, and consumables to restore health. Eliminating Dr. Slone will drop the brand new Mythical Slone Pulse Rifle. Gamers can acquire this as it is very effective in mid-range battles in Fortnite.

2) Llama

Llamas are a recent addition to the Fortnite map. These wild creatures are programmed to run around the island. These llamas drop significant loot when they are shot. Gamers need to eliminate these beasts as they have the ability to teleport and disappear completely.

Eliminating the llama will give loopers a decent amount of loot. Llamas also drop exotic weapons that gamers can use in the game.

3) Riot

Riot is an NPC located between Catty Corner and the Misty Meadows. Gamers can encounter this boss by the bridge. It's fairly easy to take him down. Eliminating the Riot will give gamers an Epic AR in Fortnite that can be fairly useful for gamers against other opponents.

4) Guggimon

Gamers encounter the Guggimon boss at the lighthouse above Coral Castle. Land in one of the houses just before the lighthouse to get hold of some weapons before encountering the boss.

Eliminating the boss is quite easy, and gamers can finish the task within a few shots. Guggimon drops a Scar when it is eliminated. Therefore, gamers can drop near the lighthouse and get hold of the Scar as it is an effective weapon against opponents in the BR mode.

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