Fortnite Season 7: How to unlock the Ka-Bang weapon wrap for free

The Ka-Bang weapon wrap is available from the Fortnite Freaky Flight LTM (Image via I Talk/Twitter)
The Ka-Bang weapon wrap is available from the Fortnite Freaky Flight LTM (Image via I Talk/Twitter)

Epic Games recently revealed that gamers would get the opportunity to claim the Ka-Bang weapon wrap in Fortnite for free. Ever since the news broke out, gamers have wondered how to get hold of the coveted weapon wrap in Season 7.

The publisher recently released the v17.10 update for Fortnite Season 7. The much-needed update tweaked several changes in terms of gameplay and removed glitches in-game. It also rolled out the Cosmic Summer event for gamers.

Epic has introduced several LTMs for Fortnite as part of the Cosmic Summer event. Gamers are required to complete various challenges in these LTMs to claim XP and several in-game rewards.

One such challenge rewards them with the coveted Ka-Bang weapon wrap for free.

Fortnite Season 7: Spend coins to claim the Ka-Bang wrap for free

As mentioned above, Epic has introduced several LTMs for the Cosmic Summer event. One such LTM is the Freaky Flights Air Royale. Gamers will be required to complete several missions while riding an airplane to complete various quests. However, some tasks can be completed without flying an aircraft.

The Cosmic Summer quests rewards gamers with exclusive in-game items along with thousands of XP. They can claim the Ka-bang weapon wrap for free by completing a quest in the Freaky Flights LTM.

The mission requires players to spend coins to buy items from the vending machine in the Freaky Flights LTM. They will need to buy 50 items from the vending machines to complete this challenge.

The vending machines are located near gamers' spawn point in the LTM. Therefore, it won't take much effort to complete this mission. However, loopers need to ensure that they have adequate coins before starting the LTM.

Gamers will be notified once the quest has been completed. Additionally, the Ka-Bang weapon wrap will be made available to claim once gamers exit the LTM and return to the lobby.

Data miners have revealed that Epic will bring the Ka-Bang bundle for the July 4th celebration event. Aside from the Ka-Bang weapon wrap, the bundle will consist of the NitroJerry cosmetics and Fizzle back bling. It will also consist of the Sparkleaxe pickaxe and the Boomer glider.

The NitroJerry character will also consist of a special emote triggered when gamers achieve a Victory Royale in Fortnite.

The Ka-Bang bundle will be released soon, and one of its components is available through the Cosmic Summer event. Therefore, gamers are pretty eager to get their hands on the weapon wrap for free.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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