Fortnite set to introduce their first non-binary 'they/ them' skin to the game

Toni skin (Image via iFireMonkey on Twitter)
Toni skin (Image via iFireMonkey on Twitter)

There are all kinds of characters and skins in Fortnite. Players can log on and legitimately play as Kylo Ren, Ariana Grande, Naomi Osaka, Spider-Man, Groot, Batman, Rick Sanchez, or Naruto.

There is no shortage of different kinds of characters that gamers can suit up as in the famous battle royale. A majority of people from all walks of life have been represented thus far, but Epic Games can't reasonably claim to be all-inclusive just yet.


However, it does seem that they might be adding a new skin soon that represents a new group of people. The LGBT+ community may finally be getting some representation in the form of a new skin called Toni leaked ahead of time.

Note: This information is based on a leak and is speculative until confirmed by Epic Games.

New Toni skin goes by "they/them" pronouns, marks a potential first for Fortnite

Toni, the new skin leaked by several leakers (most notably NotPaloLeaks on Twitter), hasn't arrived in-game yet but appears poised to do so very soon. It's a fairly basic skin, but it does have one thing that sets it apart.

Toni's in-game description reads:

"They're a classic throwback with style to spare."

Based on the description, it would seem that this character uses "they/them" pronouns, which would be a first for a Fortnite skin. Every other character with pronouns in their in-game description has been binary thus far.

First confirmed non-binary Fortnite Skin?

The answer won't be clear until Toni is released in the Item Shop. Perhaps the skin has a selective style that indicates that two different people are the skin, though that does seem unlikely.

It seems highly likely that Toni will become the first official non-binary skin in Fortnite. The word official is critical here because many loopers have speculated about another skin.

Joey, a skin released in the Chapter 2 Season 7 Battle Pass, is a male character. The in-game bio uses male pronouns. However, it has unlockable styles that appear feminine and alien in nature.

Joey skin (Image via Epic Games)
Joey skin (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite Wiki calls this style "their true form" and "a female alien." That might represent the LGBT+ community, but Toni comes with far less speculation.

The use of a non-binary pronoun in the description all but confirms it and makes Toni the first real confirmed representation of that community in the game. It's taken a long time, but Fortnite seems to be slowly becoming more representative.

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