Fortnite XP glitch: New 'Christmas Special' creative map grants unlimited XP, here is how

A Christmas-themed Fortnite Creative map (Image via Epic Games)
A Christmas-themed Fortnite Creative map (Image via Epic Games)

Christmas may be over, but you can still celebrate the holidays in Fortnite and gain a ton of XP in the process.

Adding glitches for limited or even infinite XP in Fortnite Creative isn't new, but putting a Christmas twist on it is a fun way for players to enjoy the season and reap the rewards.


A certain Fortnite Creative map is covered with snow and Christmas trees. While on the map, players can go to a specific spot, do an emote, and receive a huge gain in XP along with a special Christmas message.

How to do the "Christmas Special" XP glitch in Fortnite Creative

A promotional image for Fortnite Creative. (Image via Epic Games)
A promotional image for Fortnite Creative. (Image via Epic Games)

If you want to rack up a bunch of XP in Fortnite without doing much at all, this Creative map glitch is one of several ways. First, get in the holiday spirit and enter the map code.

The map code is 0841-1148-6409. Place that in the Island Code area of Fortnite Creative and submit the code. This will allow you to enter the "Blue Pit - Free For All" map created by ItsMerd.

This is crazy! my map blue pit got accepted as one of the few maps for Winterfest this year. thank you for the people congratulating me this is one of the best things to happen to me

You don't have to actually play the game with friends or participate whatsoever. Once you load in, look to the northwest corner of the structure for a platform with several vending machines lining the outer edges.

There are three vending machines in the inner part of the Fortnite creative map that sits on the platform. Jump on top of the middle one and have your character perform an emote.

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Any emote will work, and you can be facing any direction. There are no hardcore specifics. You just have to make sure that you are standing directly on top of that middle of three vending machines.


After you have done so, a special message will appear. You'll be granted the XP, and it will say "Secret Christmas XP X5" and under that will be "Merry Christmas, Enjoy the XP" with a heart in the middle.

Yes, "Secret" is spelled wrong in the first message, but it truly is the thought that counts with this Fortnite XP glitch. Check out the video above by YouTuber GKI if you want a visual representation of how to get the XP.

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