Fortnite YouTuber spectates players in every region, figures who has the sweatiest players

Which Fortnite region has the sweatiest players? (Image via Sportskeeda)
Which Fortnite region has the sweatiest players? (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fortnite is clearly one of the sweatiest multiplayer games out there. So much so that Loopers have admitted to quitting because of the unbearable competition in public games.

Having said that, Epic Games' battle royale title is available across several regions of the world. Owing to the game's prominence and the community's size, the level of competition in every region is different. This explains why regions like Europe and NA are sweatier than Brazil or the Middle East.

Amount of FNCS wins in NA from OCE players: 1Amount of FNCS wins in OCE from NA, EU, NA players: 0OCE is the best fortnite region in my books...

SypherPK recently spectated Fortnite players in several regions and scrutinized their skill level.

SypherPK amazed by sweaty Fortnite players in Oceania

SypherPK started out by spectating players in the Middle East. He was surprised to see them teaming up and even reported a player for cheating. However, the end-game was relatively different, as Loopers efficiently utilized their building skills.


Next up, SypherPK spectated a lobby from Europe and he quickly discovered that it contained some of the sweatiest players in the world. During the end-game, gunfights took place for several minutes as everyone was trying to get higher ground through building.

It is worth noting that the veteran did not bother reviewing NA East and NA West as he was already well aware of how sweaty they are.

The matches were just getting too sweaty πŸ’€

Asia certainly had some of the most interesting games. There were intense fights between players donning superhero and Aura skins. SypherPK noted that Loopers in Asia have great building skills, but the same cannot be said about their aim.

Brazil was no different. SypherPK commented:

Well, a lot of good builders but there's a lot of shots missed!

Last but not least, SypherPK reviewed Oceania and was astonished to find sweaty skins like Pitch Black Superhero and Aura in the public lobby. The early game and mid-game was full of casuals who struggled to build, but towards the end-game, skilled players battled it out for the Victory Royale.

Anyone on NA West that enjoys being a sweaty building player in Fortnite? 🧐

SypherPK ranks Fortnite regions based on skill of players

Towards the end of his video, SypherPK came up with this list of the sweatiest players:

  • NA East and NA West
  • Europe
  • Oceania
  • Asia
  • Middle East
  • Brazil

It is important to note that factors like time play an important role in deciding the state of a lobby. While regions like Asia were reviewed around 2 PM, which is prime time, Oceania's lobby was most likely assembled during midnight as there was an abundance of bots.


It is evident that even the newest Fortnite regions like the Middle East and Brazil have become competitive now. Players have indeed practiced building and editing in Creative and only need to improve their aim for better results.

On the other end of the spectrum, the highly competitive nature of the oldest Fortnite regions such as Europe is still the same.

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