How does Creative XP in Fortnite work? Explained

How to get XP from Fortnite Creative in Chapter 2 Season 8 (Image via Sportskeeda)
How to get XP from Fortnite Creative in Chapter 2 Season 8 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 has introduced a wide range of XP buffs up until now. From Creative mode to Save the World, players now have several fun methods to acquire XP in the game.

Fortnite Creative has been a popular choice among players for XP, mainly because they can get experience for doing literally nothing. Additionally, Epic Games has also added Accolade devices to the mode with the 18.40 update.

Earn Battle Pass XP playing some of your favorite Creative Games 🏆Starting today, Creative games that utilize the new Accolade Device will grant Battle Pass XP when completing accolades set by the Creator.More info:

The article below mentions every way players can get XP from Fortnite's Creative mode.

How to get XP from Fortnite Creative by being AFK

Many new players who are struggling to get XP might not know that Creative Mode rewards them for simply standing in the hub. Every 15 minutes, players can get 25,200 XP. This reward can be claimed five times a day, implying that the total XP rewards amount to 126,000 daily.


Following patch 18.40, many players reported that Epic Games has patched the aforementioned glitch with the AFK detection system. However, others have claimed that this AFK XP method is still working for them by using emotes.

Accolades devices in Fortnite Creative

With the 18.40 update, Epic Games has introduced Accolade devices to Fortnite Creative. Apparently, creators can add Accolade devices to their maps, and players can earn Battle Pass XP by playing them.

There are no limits on how much XP Creative games can give out through the accolade devices, but there are diminishing returns on individual players if they acquire XP beyond a certain threshold in a day, from all Creative games.

However, loopers must not assume that the Accolade Devices will let them get away with unlimited amounts of XP.

Epic Games has put the following restrictions on Accolade Devices in Fortnite Creative:

  • Accolade XP works in maps that have passed Moderation and initial XP calibration.
  • The XP that can be granted by an Accolade Device is fixed through XP calibration, implying that creators cannot specify it.
  • Supercharged XP does not work on Accolade devices.
  • A Creative map can have a maximum of 30 Accolade devices.

It is worth noting that after a certain threshold, there will be decreasing returns for individual players who get XP from Creative mode.

The Calibration Process for the new Accolades Device will eventually give you emails to say when calibration has started, passed or failed.These emails should start arriving next week. #FortniteCreative Full Post:

All in all, it is self-evident that the XP grind in Fortnite has become more convenient than ever in Chapter 2 Season 8. The current season will end on December 5, and a new Black Hole event will take place. Thereafter, players can expect the arrival of Chapter 3 on December 7 with a new map, theme, and collaborations.

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