How to download Fortnite on iPhone & other Apple devices via xCloud

Xbox Cloud Gaming (Image via Microsoft)
Xbox Cloud Gaming (Image via Microsoft)
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Yesterday, it was officially announced that Fortnite can be played on Apple iOS devices. Ever since the lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games began in August 2020, the battle royale game has been removed from the App Store. Mobile players without an Android or other device were left without a game.

Since then, Apple has effectively won the lawsuit, which only seems to push the potential return date even further away. Workarounds came up, such as the NVIDIA Geforce, but none worked that well.


So far, that is, since Xbox is introducing Xbox Cloud Gaming, which will have Fortnite for free. Anyone can get it on their iPhone or iOS device. Here's how.

Fortnite available on iOS on Xbox Cloud Gaming: How to download

Since this service is through Xbox, players will need a Microsoft account, but those are entirely free and easy to make. Anyone can sign up and most players probably already have one.

Take your Victory Royale to the Cloud.Drop into @FortniteGame on your phone, tablet, or PC with Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) for free. No install or subscription required:

At the website, players can sign up to get involved with the beta of Xbox Cloud Gaming. There, gamers can play all manner of games, such as:

  • NBA 2K22
  • Unsouled
  • Citizen Sleeper
  • Forza Horizon 4
  • Dead by Daylight III
  • Skyrim
  • Minecraft Dungeons
  • Sea of Thieves
  • Many other Xbox games

This is also where gamers can get access to Fortnite, which is being advertised on the top banner of the website. The game has just been added to the game service in a revolutionary move.

Up until now, all the games on the service were for sale, so there weren't any free-to-play games. However, selling the game is not how Epic Games does things, so if the Xbox Cloud Gaming service was going to provide the game to its users, it would have to be free.

Mobile Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)
Mobile Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)

Unfortunately, it's not an app on the App Store. Based on Apple's terms and conditions, Xbox cannot make this an app, but most current iPhones and iOS devices have more than enough capability to run it through Safari.

Here's how they can make a shortcut to make it a little bit easier, though:

  1. Visit the aforementioned Xbox Cloud Gaming site.
  2. Visit the Fortnite part of the website.
  3. Click the settings option in the middle of the bottom bar.
  4. Scroll down and click "Add to Home Screen."
  5. Return to the home screen to ensure the "app" is there.

It may still be a while until the game is officially back on Apple devices, but this is a huge step in the right direction.

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