How to find red Tool Boxes in Fortnite Chapter 3

Where to find red Toolboxes in Fortnite Chapter 3 (Image via Epic Games)
Where to find red Toolboxes in Fortnite Chapter 3 (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 is nearing its end, and Loopers must complete their daily and weekly challenges to get the rewards from the Battle Pass. This season's subscription is offering skins like Dr. Strange, Prowler, and The Imagined for just 950 V-Bucks, and the XP grind seems to be worth the effort.

With the 20.40 update, leakers have discovered new weekly challenges for Week 9 and Week 10. One of the leaked challenges will require Loopers to collect two red Tool Boxes, and this article will serve as a quick guide to completing it.

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Where to find red Tool Boxes (Ammo Boxes) in Fortnite Chapter 3

Ammo boxes, commonly known as red Tool Boxes, are located in several places on the map and there aren't any specific locations for players to find them. Unlike chests, they do not make noise that might help Loopers in navigation.


Red Tool Boxes spawn randomly, which is why players are advised to land in prominent locations such as The Collider, Rocky Reels, Condo Canyon, Chonker's Speedway, and more.

Gas stations are the only place where Loopers can expect a higher spawn rate for the red Tool Boxes

As the name suggests, Ammo Boxes drop ammo for weapons in the form of Small and Large bullets. In Chapter 3 Season 2, they also offer the following items:

  • Vehicle Mod: Off-road Tires
  • Vehicle Mod: Cow Catchers
  • Repair Torches

Vehicle mods have been quite effective this season, especially following the release of Zero Build mode. While Off-Road tires grant vehicles additional mobility in rough terrain, and Cow Catchers can ram anything that comes their way. The latter can also act as an instant cover in Zero Build mode as players can place it on the ground.

Repair Torch, on the other hand, is a brand-new item that was introduced in Chapter 3 Season 2. It allows players to heal vehicles and metal builds or deal damage to structures and opponents.


Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Week 9 challenges revealed

Players should note that searching for red Tool Boxes is just one of the challenges that will be available during Week 9 of Chapter 3 Season 2. The remaining leaked quests are as follows:

  • Call in an Air Strike at The Collider or The Fortress
  • Use an Ascender and Deal 100 Damage to Opponents within 30 Seconds
  • Shoot Out Tires on three IO Vehicles
  • Hit an Enemy Player with a Ranger Shotgun from Over 50 Meters
  • Drive a Battle Bus or Fly a Choppa to Command Cavern
  • Repair a Vehicle at Synapse Station or at Chonker’s Speedway (200)
  • Emote at Different IO Airship Crash Sites (2)
  • Upgrade a Drum Shotgun at an Upgrade Bench
  • Search two red Tool Boxes

Each of these challenges will give players 20,000 XP. Hence, they can accumulate over 100,000 XP by completing all the weekly quests.


As of now, Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 is live, and we are getting closer to a nerve-wrecking live event featuring Dr. Slone's Doomsday device.

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