How to get the Shadow Midas skin in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8

How to unlock the Shadow Midas skin in Fortnite (Image via Fortnite)
How to unlock the Shadow Midas skin in Fortnite (Image via Fortnite)

After a year of anticipation, Fortnite has finally released the Shadow Midas skin. Players originally saw the character as the boss of Fortnitemares 2020, but were disappointed with Epic Games for delaying the skin's release.

He's been a shadow lurking for far too long. Finally he emerges— grab the Shadow Midas Outfit now!

In Fortnitemares 2021, players will be able to unlock the Shadow Midas skin. However, they might feel that the Halloween version of Midas is a little overpriced, and the article below explains why.

Shadow Midas skin in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8: Price, look, and more

The Shadow Midas skin is currently available in the Item Shop for 1,500 V-Bucks. Surprisingly, Fortnite doesn't have an added back bling with the skin and players only get the outfit for the price.

However, the Shadow Midas skin compensates for the lack of back bling with the Shadow Touch reactive effect. It grows with each elimination, and Midas turns more purple with it. Players can also turn the effect on or off.


Moreover, the Shadow Touch reactive effect applies the Midas' Shadow wrap to any equipped weapon. The wrap was initially available during Chapter 2 Season 4 as part of the Fortnitemares 2020 set.

Here are some cosmetic items that players can pair with Shadow Midas to make a sweaty combo:

  • Backblings- Ghost Portal (Purple), Dark Shield, Shackled Stone
  • Pickaxes- Dark Axe, Dread Oracle Axe, Moonrise
  • Gliders- Dark Glyph, Cube Cruiser, Wakandan Skyrider
Shadow Midas skin has arrived in Fortnitemares 2021 (Image via Epic Games)
Shadow Midas skin has arrived in Fortnitemares 2021 (Image via Epic Games)

Naturally, the majority of dark and purple themed skins match perfectly with the Shadow Midas skin.

Midas is one of the most popular Fortnite characters ever, and it comes as no surprise that the response towards the Shadow Midas skin has been overwhelmingly positive.

Upcoming Fortnitemares 2021 skins in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8

Up until now, players have witnessed some of the best Fortnitemare skins ever. This year's Halloween event has been all about spookiness, from Skeletara and Frankenstein's Monster to Shadow Midas and Kernel Poppy.

Luckily, more spooky skins are expected to arrive in Fortnite soon. A recent trailer for Shortnitemares revealed three new characters that might soon make it to the Item Shop.

Join the Bride of Frankenstein on a globe-trotting quest to rescue fellow Monsters and rewrite their stories.Check out the premiere of @UniversalPics We Will Be Monsters during the Shortnitemares Film Festival kicking off October 28 at 6 PM ET inside @FNCreate.

All in all, Fortnitemares 2021 has turned out to be one of the best Halloween events in Fortnite ever. Players not only got their hands on some highly anticipated skins but also enjoyed the first-ever PvE event in the history of the Battle Royale game.

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