How many Battle Stars do you need to unlock every reward in Fortnite Chapter 3

The battle pass has tons of rewards available (Image via Epic Games)
The battle pass has tons of rewards available (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 is well underway. The fourth week's challenges have just been released and are the latest way for Fortnite players to earn XP and unlock battle pass rewards. This season maintains the battle star method from the past few seasons.

There are tons of great rewards available in the battle pass and players will need tons of battle stars to unlock them. How many will Fortnite players need to unlock all the rewards in Chapter 3?

Fortnite Chapter 3 Battle Pass: How many battle stars to get all the rewards?

Each page has several rewards. In total, players will need to reach level 100 to max out the battle pass, meaning they'll need 500 battle stars. Here's how it breaks down for each page.

The first page contains several good rewards like Shanta, the Ancestral Bloom back bling, 100 V-Bucks, Bronzed Scimitars and more. In total, to earn every reward on this page, it will require 44 battle stars.

The second page includes rewards like 200 V-Bucks, Crimson Crest back bling, Blade of the Waning Moon harvesting tool and more. Fortnite players will need 53 battle stars to unlock everything available.

Page three can give players the Trot Shot back bling, Lt. John Llama, 100 V-Bucks, Lil' Monster emote and so much more. 48 battle stars will unlock every reward on page three and move players on to page four.

Lt. John Llama - "Never send an alpaca to do a llama's job."I liked his military style a lot with these bandages and he's one of my favorites in this battle pass!#Fortnite #FortniteArt #FortniteChapter3

The fourth page in the Fortnite Chapter 3 battle pass has rewards such as 200 V-Bucks, Lloose Cannon weapon wrap, Wooly Mammoth glider, Llaminator glider and more. 51 battle stars are required to claim all the items here.

Page five has rewards like Haven's Opus music and 100 V-Bucks. All the rewards cost 45 battle stars. Page six has 200 V-Bucks and the Gumbo outfit. 52 battle stars will move players onto the seventh page.

The seventh page of this season's battle pass can give players 100 V-Bucks and the Troubled Gum weapon wrap. All in all, this page requires 47 battle stars to unlock. On page eight, players can unlock 200 V-Bucks, Spikebat harvesting tool and the Harlowe skin. This needs a total of 55 battle stars.

I need to go up 20 levels for the fortnite spider-man skin

Page nine is where most players are trying to get to. Spider-Man, the classic skin, is available on this page. 51 battle stars will unlock Spider-Man and all the other rewards.

This is the final page of the Chapter 3 battle pass (Image via Epic Games)
This is the final page of the Chapter 3 battle pass (Image via Epic Games)

Finally, on page ten, there are great rewards. The Symbiote style for Spider-Man, 200 V-Bucks, and the rest of the Spider-Man cosmetics are available. 51 battle stars will also unlock these rewards for a total of 500 for every single reward on the battle pass.

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