How To Get XP Fast In Fortnite Creative Mode

Last Modified Nov 25, 2022 04:56 GMT
(Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite’s Creative mode has a lot to offer to the Fortnite community and they just don’t seem to stop when it comes to making the best out of it. Map creators have created tons of maps like adventures, deathmatches, deathruns, simulators, experiences and even horror rooms and have now even been able to crack the code to gain unlimited XP in creative mode.

Every owner of the battlepass wants to complete it as soon as possible in the least amount of time to secure their items. However, you have been warned, these XP glitches come with a price to pay and might lead to a ban. So proceed ahead at your own risk.

How To Enter the XP Glitch Map

The player has to first open the menu to change the game mode and click on the Island code tab above. After this, enter the Map code in the box and click on play when the map loads up.

Map Code - 7197-5812-7064

The name of this map is The Pit - Chess FFA and is created by fhocks. In this map there are multiple things that the player can do to trigger the XP glitch. It includes following a few steps and entering secret doors after which XP starts accumulating. There are also a bunch of targets that can be taken out to start the XP gain.

XP Gain Tutorial

Here’s a video by a YouTuber with a tutorial on how to trigger and gain XP using the AFK Glitch in Fortnite creative mode. Just follow the steps in the video to gain loads of XP per second.


Other Map Codes for Quick XP gain

Map Code - 9764-0194-8834



Map Code - 8799-2376-3061



Just another reminder that exploiting this glitch may result in a ban, but many players are willing to take this risk for the completion of the battle pass and quick XP gain.