How tornadoes will work in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

A look at the new tornado feature in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)
A look at the new tornado feature in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)

Weather elements are taking over Fortnite Island with the new Tornado feature ready to send players flying.

Tornadoes have long been rumored in the battle royale, along with other weather functions. The rumors came true and twisters are starting to pop up all over the Chapter 3 Season 1 map.


These tornadoes aren't deadly like the ones in the real world. Instead, they will suck players into the cyclone as a way to escape or travel, and will launch them out and allow them to glide to safety.

Tornadoes have finally arrived in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

A player approaching a tornado in Chapter 3 Season 1 (Image via Epic Games)
A player approaching a tornado in Chapter 3 Season 1 (Image via Epic Games)

The following is directly from Epic Games on the functionality of tornadoes in Chapter 3 Season 1:

"If you see a tornado start to form, that’s no signal to flee. Instead, run into it as a swirling escape strategy! You’ll spin round and round ‘til you choose to glide to safety — or if you stay spinning long enough — ‘til the twister spits you out. Don’t worry: you won’t take fall damage if you get hurled."

A far cry from what many thought, tornadoes will be a helpful feature rather than the nightmares that players face on a regular basis. Instead of devastating the Island, it seems they will provide crucial aid to loopers.

Today's Island forecast: extreme weather including tornadoes and lightning storms!Read all about some new weather arriving on the

Even though tornadoes were launched quite recently, players have already showcased how effective they can be. Gameplay and content are sure to be centered around this new feature.

Tornadoes can be utilized in a variety of skillful ways and it will be incredible to see those ways put to use. The rotation and movement possibilities seem like they'll be endless with this update.

As Epic Games stated, players shouldn't be afraid if they encounter a tornado. Players can run into them, jump into them from a high point on the map, or float into them from above with their glider. Not only will players be able to use them to escape tricky situations, they might be able to use them to quickly traverse across the map for an aggressive playstyle.

Tornadoes may be fun to use on a wim, but it would be best if players plan out their strategies with the tornadoes. They will spit players out if they spend too much time in them, so having a determined escape path will be key.

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