Jordan Henderson's iconic 'Hendo Shuffle' is now available on Fortnite as an emote

The iconic 'Hendo Shuffle' is now a Fortnite emote!
The iconic 'Hendo Shuffle' is now a Fortnite emote!

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson is rated as one of the best midfielders in the English Premier League and recently guided the Reds to their first top-flight title in thirty years. Apart from his skills on the pitch, the Englishman has also come to be known for his viral 'Hendo Shuffle'.

Last year, when Liverpool won the UEFA Champions League after a stellar season, Henderson popularised the shuffle just before collecting the winner's trophy, and it went on to become known as the 'Hendo Shuffle' globally.

The 'Hendo shuffle' has become so popular that in the recent V13.40 update of Fortnite, the move has been included as an exclusive emote in-game.

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Titled 'Raise the cup', the emote is available in Fortnite, with Liverpool's anthem 'You'll Never Walk Alone' playing in the background.

Check out the 'Hendo Shuffle' in Fortnite:

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Jordan Henderson and the 'Hendo Shuffle'

The Hendo Shuffle became famous in the aftermath of Jordan Henderson performing the move during the Champions League presentation ceremony. It was performed again at the Club World Cup and the UEFA Super Cup.

When asked about the reason behind the move, Henderson explained in an official interview on the Liverpool FC website:

"Actually I didn't really plan on doing that, to be honest.... It was a little bit of banter in the changing rooms prior. Robbo(Andrew Robertson) was messing about, he'd always do the shuffle pretending to lift the trophy and stuff like that .
"So, when the time came I felt as though I just wanted to sort of do it together and use that sort of banter that we'd had previously in terms of the little shuffle and stuff I just wanted to be able to see the lads' faces just before I lifted it as well.
"That was really special for me, to be able to see the lads rather than just have my back to them."

Since then, his move has been performed by several people across the globe, especially kids with whom the footballer's move seems to have struck a chord with.

Take a look at Jordan Henderson's iconic 'Hendo Shuffle' compilation in the video below:


Reactions Online

Ever since word got around that the Liverpool captain's iconic shuffle had been added to Fortnite, fans were quick to react and were in complete awe of the latest emote.

Check out some of the reactions online:

The latest Jordan Henderson-inspired emote is sure to become a hot favourite, especially with Liverpool fans across the globe, who are expected to flock to Fortnite in the aftermath of this latest development.

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