Avenged Sevenfold is collaborating with Fortnite, but there's a twist

Avenged Sevenfold is collaborating with Fortnite, but there
Avenged Sevenfold is collaborating with Fortnite, but there's a twist (Image via Twitter/TheOfficialA7X)

According to the information shared by veteran Fortnite leaker/data miner iFireMonkey, Avenged Sevenfold is interested in collaborating with Epic Games. The former is an American heavy metal band from Huntington Beach, California, formed in 1999.

A few days ago, the band shared messages on its Discord showing interest in collaborating with Fortnite, but there's a slight hiccup. The lead vocalist, Matthew Charles Sanders, better known as M. Shadows, had this to say:

"We are not doing Festival or Guitar Hero Fortnite...stop!!!"

He continues by saying:

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"Here's where I'm coming from. We have done Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Rocksmith - all of them. Now, UEFN exists where people can create experiences and build in them straight from the artists. So it's something completely new and different, but all people can go on about is getting tracks."

Based on the wording, it's clear that the group is not interested in having their music imported into Festival mode. Given their status as a band, without the music being in-game, most other avenues in terms of collaboration cease to exist. While this is disheartening, there is some good news.

Avenged Sevenfold to create Fortnite UEFN maps

As mentioned by M. Shadows, while the band is not interested in having its music added to Festival mode, they are actively creating UEFN maps. The first one, Avenged, was created and launched on January 12, 2024. Players can find it by typing the name in the search bar or entering this code: 8766-6365-6885.

This is a free-for-all style map based on their music video for “We Love You.” According to the information provided by the band, in the coming months, it will be releasing a social hub as well as other games.

Although things are still a work in progress and will be for a while, depending on how ambitious the project is, this is a huge step forward in terms of in-game presence. Given how active the community is regarding UEFN experiences, things will only get larger from here.

Avenged Sevenfold ever come to Fortnite Festival?

As per M. Shadows' statement, the chances of the band's music being added to the Festival mode are slim. Given that it has all been done before, it makes no sense to do it all over again.

However, he did mention that if Epic Games is open to the idea of allowing them to add Guitar Hero stuff to their own Creative map, they would be interested. That said, it's left to be seen what the band has in store for players and if this will blossom into an official collaboration with cosmetics in the near future.

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