Fortnite is getting the Bloodsport skin from Suicide Squad

Fortnite will soon be adding a Suicide Squad Bloodsport skin (Image via YouTube)
Fortnite will soon be adding a Suicide Squad Bloodsport skin (Image via YouTube)

The collaboration between DC Comics and Fortnite has given rise to some of the best skins, NPCs, and assorted cosmetics in the game. The Batman x Fortnite crossover blew up in popularity, both in the game and in the comics.

As the community waits for the Last Son of Krypton to make his appearance in Fortnite, the film's director James Gunn shared some exciting news with fans. Fortnite will soon be getting a skin based on Bloodsport, the character for the upcoming "Suicide Squad" movie directed by James Gunn.

According to Gunn's announcement, the Fortnite Bloodsport skin is more akin to the version seen in the Suicide Squad movie than the comics. It has the potential to be one of the coolest skins in Fortnite right now.

Fans are already super excited about this, and they hope that Fortnite adds a variation of the Bloodsport skin without the helmet, revealing the face of Idris Elba.

Fortnite Bloodsport skin reveals an unexpected event for fans

Elba may have dropped a hint about his addition to the game. His current Twitter banner is an animated version of him, which may or may not be a digital painting.

The last time Elba was animated was for NBA 2K20's career mode, and that one looked nothing like this. He might appear as a variant of the Bloodsport skin in Fortnite.

The game already has a few iterations of Harley Quinn skins, but the addition of Peacemaker, Colonel Rick Flag, King Shark, Polka Dot Man, Ratcatcher, or Captain Boomerang will make the 'Suicide Squad bundle' (so to speak) a holy grail for fans.

Based on the announcement, fans will need to wait until tomorrow for more details about the Fortnite Bloodsport skin.

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