Fortnite: Kevin the Cube births multiple 'mini-cubes' all over Season 8 map

Kevin the Cube is giving birth to smaller cubes on Fortnite island (Image via Twitter/FortTory)
Kevin the Cube is giving birth to smaller cubes on Fortnite island (Image via Twitter/FortTory)
Avhinandan Chakraborty

The Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 storyline is pretty mysterious but interesting. After Operation Skyfire, the hundreds of Cubes that were on the spaceship fell down on the island. Apart from the multiple Kevin the Cubes, two more Cubes were spotted by Fortnite players. There is a Golden Cube or the Queen Cube, and up on the mountains lies Bluevin, the Blue Cube.

The Queen Cube started moving a while ago along with the other purple cubes and they seemed to be moving towards each other.

The Golden Cube just moved for the 33rd time!Times Moved: 33Direction: West 👀Time: 1:38am EST / 6:38am BSTUnless the schedule changes, the next movement will be roughly 2:38am EST#FortniteSeason8 #CubeWatch

A mini-event called Cube Awakening also took place, following which, players are now noticing mini-cubes spawning beside the large Kevin the Cube.

Kevin the Cube gives birth to multiple mini-cubes after live event in Fortnite Season 8

Fortnite players witnessed seemingly the most bizarre of occurrences on Fortnite Island. The Queen Cube has now reached the south of Believer Beach, known as Shattered Saucer. This is the region where the debris from the Mothership fell, destroying the POI.

However, on this spot, the Queen Cube zapped Kevin the Cube multiple times while hovering in the air. After a while, it calmed down and fell with a thud on the ground and now lies silent beside Kevin the Cube.

The Awakening has now concluded! 🟨The Golden Cube has now dropped to the ground and the awakening process has ended Time: 10:00am EST/ 3:00pm BST#FortniteSeason8 #CubeWatch

Kevin, however, can be spotted zapping the ground periodically, and once it starts, it keeps going as a square perimeter is formed on the ground. Within minutes, a small baby Kevin is formed at that spot.

The Purple Cube has just created the 1st and 2nd Baby Cubes!Get in game now to more happening in a few minutes!Time: 12:25pm EST/ 7:25pm BST#FortniteSeason8 #CubeWatch

This has happened multiple times since yesterday and many more baby Kevins have already been born around the vicinity of the large Kevin the Cube in Shattered Saucer.

Furthermore, these baby cubes are moving in seemingly random directions. However, Fortnite players can expect these cubes to spread around the map pretty quickly in an attempt to infect the entire island with more Anomalies. Note that this is only speculation and nothing has been confirmed by Epic Games.

As of 8:15 PM EST, here's how the baby cubes are positioned.We will not be tracking every baby cube's movement individually, as the time frame is not regular, and it's way too spammy.. Every now and then we'll post an updated position so you're still informed

Map changes can also be expected mid-season if the cubes continue to overpopulate the island. Fortnite players will have to wait a while to understand what these evil-minded Cubes are up to in Season 8.

Edited by Sandeep Banerjee
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