Fortnite leaks claim hijacking feature coming in Chapter 5 Season 3

Hijacking feature could be coming in Chapter 5 Season 3 (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)
A hijacking feature could be coming in Chapter 5 Season 3 (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)

According to the latest Fortnite leaks, a new feature/mechanic known as hijacking will be part of Chapter 5 Season 3. Despite this information having been leaked before, there are more details this time. These details were brought to light by leakers/data miners SpushFNBR and Loolo_WRLD.

As the name suggests, hijacking will allow players to steal cars driven by others in the game. With Chapter 5 Season 3 apparently being apocalypse-themed (based on the Fortnite 2024 Roadmap that was leaked on 4chan), this new feature gives off Mad Max vibes.

In fact, many theorists are of the opinion that with Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga releasing on May 23, 2024, hijacking could play a huge role in the upcoming season.

Many quests/challenges and in-game content could perhaps revolve around hijacking vehicles on the go. It would be challenging but no doubt engaging and fun.

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Fortnite leaks reveal details on upcoming hijacking feature for Chapter 5 Season 3

According to the latest Fortnite leaks, gamers will be able to steal cars from other players in the game. When nearing a car, a text prompt saying "Steal" will pop up. When the key binding related to the prompt is used, the hijacking process will begin. At the moment, animation and the time it would take to complete the process have not been revealed.

If the vehicle being hijacked makes a sudden move or crashes, the mechanic will fail. This will likely be the same scenario for the player's vehicle who initiated the hijack. Fortunately, based on leaks, it seems that players can cancel the hijack process mid-way.

This feature is going to be very useful for several reasons. Since players can shoot from moving vehicles, being able to disengage from the target would be a wise choice.

Lastly, the hijack feature will reportedly have a cooldown. This will ensure that players will not be able to spam or abuse it during a match.

When could hijacking be added to Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3?

According to the Fortnite leaks, there is no timeline in place for the release of the hijack feature. The only thing that is seemingly confirmed is that hijacking will be present in Forrtnite Chapter 5 Season 3.

Taking past trends into account, Epic Games adds new major features to the game at the start of a new season and/or chapter. As such, hijacking could be introduced at the start of Chapter 5 Season 3.

That being said, more Fortnite leaks regarding the feature should start to surface in May and provide better insight into how things could work. If everything falls into place as speculated, players are going to be in for a wild ride in Chapter 5 Season 3's apocalypse-themed setting. Being able to hijack cars will be just the tip of the iceberg. An armored train and a massive desert biome will be present as well.

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