Fortnite leaks hint at a mechanic that GTA San Andreas fans will love

Players could make serious gains with gyms in Fortnite Chapter 6 (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)
Players could make serious gains with gyms in Fortnite Chapter 6 (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)

According to the latest Fortnite leaks, a very unique mechanic is currently being developed by Epic Games. It would seem that gyms will feature in-game as a new mechanic in Fortnite Chapter 6. The developer is quite possibly taking inspiration from GTA San Andreas, but it's too soon to say. One thing is certain, though: fans are excited about this new upcoming mechanic.

The information was brought to light by Fortnite leaker/data miner ImPeQu. They have accurately shared and predicted information in the past as well. The information has been re-shared by other notable Fortnite leaks/data-miners as well.

Here is more information on the upcoming mechanic and how it could impact gameplay.

Note: This article is based on leaks and speculation. Readers are advised to take the information herein with a grain of salt and await official confirmation.

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Fortnite leaks hint at upcoming gym mechanic for Chapter 6

Based on the information at hand, "gym" will be a mechanic in Fortnite Chapter 6. While details regarding how this could function are extremely limited, the developers may take a page out of GTA San Andreas. In the game, when CJ (Carl Johnson) goes to the gym and works out, he gains muscle. This physical attribute improves certain stats for the character.

While the idea of having something similar in Fortnite makes sense, it's hard to envision how this could translate in-game. Since Battle Royale mode doesn't involve any attributes, it's unclear how this could work.

Based on speculation, the gym could feature as a booster in-game. Players could spend Gold Bars to perhaps get stronger for a brief duration. This could result in more hit points for a certain amount of time or being able to mitigate fall damage. Perhaps even reduce the damage taken from incoming fire.

According to more Fortnite leaks, swinging will also be a gameplay mechanic in Fortnite Chapter 6. Given that this is not new and has been seen in-game on several occasions, it could be a placeholder for something else. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creativity within the Metaverse.

When could this gym mechanic be introduced in Fortnite Chapter 6?

While Fortnite leaks hint at Epic Games working on this gym mechanic, it may not appear in Fortnite Chapter 6 Season 1. It could be introduced later in the storyline. In fact, given that the developers are working on numerous modes, it could also be for one of them instead of the Battle Royale mode.

That being said, Chapter 6 is still far away, and more detailed Fortnite leaks regarding the same will surface over time. Perhaps then, leakers/data miners would be able to provide a clearer picture of what players can expect from the gym.

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