Fortnite player wins after final opponents get banned seconds before Victory Royale

Reddit user theMightyPanda27 gets an unexpected Victory Royale (Image via u/theMightyPanda27/Reddit)
Reddit user theMightyPanda27 gets an unexpected Victory Royale (Image via u/theMightyPanda27/Reddit)

A Reddit user recently showcased a Victory Royale in Fortnite that didn't require them to get the final kill.

Instead, the last two players of the game were eliminated out of the blue. The clip shared by the user shows that the remaining two players were pushed out of the lobby via the banhammer.

That gave "theMightyPanda27" quite possibly the easiest Victory Royale ever in their Fortnite career. Their enemies were banned and they were simply handed a win.

Reddit user gets Victory Royale in Fortnite due to enemies getting banned

In the No Build version of Fortnite, the user who shared the video can be seen on the roof of a building. The player takes aim and starts firing at two enemies as they appear over a hill.

The kicker here is that both players end up being banned from the lobby. It was a Solo match and the reason for the ban was because the enemies were teaming and thus removed.

The original poster confirmed that in a response to a comment. They stated that the replays show the two players moving across the item together and giving one of them all of the kills.

The dynamic is against the terms of service Epic Games has put together for their battle royale. Teaming with those that aren't in your squad is a violation of the rules and its obvious as to why the players were kicked from that lobby.

While that situation seems like a once in a lifetime occurrence, one user replied to the clip with a crazy story of their own. It wasn't two players getting banned for teaming that caused a Victory Royale.

Instead, they were already eliminated and the teaming players were kicked before a winner was decided. That resulted in the game being declared a draw, which certainly doesn't happen very often.

Overall, the response to the teaming players getting banned and the poster getting the Victory Royale was quite positive. Fortnite players are notorious for reveling in the fact that a player in their lobby was banned or removed.

Not only does this show off a rather unique Victory Royale experience, it shows the amazing system that Epic Games has in place. With cheating being a problem across many battle royale titles, this is a refreshing situation.

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