Fortnite pro wavyjacob banned for allegedly using "N-word" during FNCS tournament

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games
Brandon Moore

Professional Fortnite player Jacob "wavyjacob" Ghaith received a ban in the middle of an FNCS tournament.

The ban itself was shown by wavyjacob on his Twitter. It listed out a length of over 181 days with the reason being "Exploiting." That doesn't add up to what the ban could have really stemmed from.

The belief is that the ban came from the name being used in-game, which some say had a "leet" version of the N-word or could have been a hacker with a string of random numbers and letters.

For those unaware, "leet" is the term used for gamertags, in-game nicknames, or simply just words spelled with some numbers replacing letters.

wavyjacob banned for in-game name during Fortnite tournament

Replies to his tweet quickly came in, pointing out that it could have been due to his name while participating in the Fortnite tournament. His in-game name was "r23ln1664W4v7."

If you look at that in leet form, it is easy to see the aforementioned word in the middle of the IGN. This was spotted by a handful of users and is assumed to be the reason for the ban almost immediately.

It seems as though the ban reasoning may be incorrect if Epic Games did it rapidly enough to just get the in-game name off of the tournament broadcast. Regardless of the reason, wavyjacob hoped to get #freewavy trending.

A handful of pro players joined in, such as FaZe Sway and TSM FTX Commandment with tweets of #freewavy. While it is picking up steam, his ban appears to have been shortened in Fortnite for other reasons.

A Reddit thread has individuals commenting with different ban lengths. Some say it was changed to 24 hours while other users are adamant that the Fortnite ban is now at 2 weeks and will update once the first 24 hours have passed.

Obviously, wavyjacob is in violation of Fortnite rules, whether in-game or for the broadcast of the tournament. The exact details of the ban will, of course, come from word of mouth rather than Epic Games themselves.

Edited by Gautham Balaji
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