Fortnite's Twitter handle gives player advice on 'how to approach their crush,' wins hearts online

Fortnite Twitter handle for Australia and New Zealand is winning many hearts with a recent heartwarming interaction (Image via Epic Games)
Fortnite Twitter handle for Australia and New Zealand is winning many hearts with a recent heartwarming interaction (Image via Epic Games)
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Fortnite has unique ways to interact with its community, and it is often related to the game or around the intel about the new introductions to the game. However, in the most unexpected turn of events, Fortnite ANZ, the official Twitter handle for the Battle Royale title in Australia and New Zealand, interacted with a random user that has captivated the Twitter community.

choo choo, chugga chugga, big red... boat?

Over the years, the use of social media has changed in the world of gaming and esports. Twitter handles are often managed by admins who post clever tweets that engage the audience in a better manner. Twitter interactions have gone beyond the conventional straightforward announcements. Popular titles like Among Us, Fall Guys, and now Epic Games' Battle Royale are bringing on a different humorous side online.

In a recent turn of events, the Twitter handle for Fortnite ANZ has provided some important guidelines for a Twitter user to gather up the courage and ask their crush out to a date.

Intelligent word play on Twitter turns into relationship advice unexpected by the Fortnite community

In a witty fashion, the Twitter handle for Fortnite in Australia and New Zealand posted a tweet that made a wordplay of the casual practice of online flirtation and the sliding mechanic in the game.

protect your crushes dms because we're still not over how good the sliding mechanic is

A Twitter user commented on this tweet and asked for a dating advice from the admin of the official Twitter handle.

@FortniteANZ Hey fortnite, any tips on how to ask out my crush?

What followed was a series of tweets in which the admin quite seriously outlined an advice for the user. Soon, other loopers got into the action and admired how well the admin of the official account had handled the situation and provided a heartwarming scene for the virtual onlookers.

@imHawkeyeFN AIGHT I'M GONNA GET SRS WITH THISJust tell em exactly how you feel! Let them know that there's no pressure, but be assertive and give them clear dates/options rather than leaving it open ended.
@imHawkeyeFN "I'd love to go on a date with you, are you free this Fri or Sat for coffee?" is way better than "let's go on a date sometime!"It gives them an easy way to say "yes, I'm free!" or "no, but how about this day instead"

The above tweet was followed by a heartfelt message on how to deal with rejection, which is something that often depresses young and old lovers alike.

@imHawkeyeFN but the biggest thing to remember is that rejection is okay! It has no reflection on you as a person - the fact that you put yourself out there in the first place indicates that you're awesome and that if not this person, then you'll find your person soon :)

The community was highly impressed with this short exchange of heartwarming tweets. Multiple came forward to appreciate the admin of the account.

Best Fortnite account award goes to:
@FortniteANZ @imHawkeyeFN the person behind this account is absolutely amazing fr
@FortniteANZ @imHawkeyeFN I'd love to go on a date with you, are you free this Fri or Sat for coffee? @FortniteANZ
@polaqwym FortniteANZ is basically the only Fortnite account I love so far, love the energy who's behind the account

These small instances often act as a fresh breather for players and users of social media. The main Twitter handle of Fortnite has interacted with their audience online on social media in the past, but it has never been on an interpersonal level like this. While interacting with players is common for the Twitter handles of different titles, connecting with your players in such a manner can have a positive effect on the players and the entire community.

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