Fortnite Season 8 leak reveals major changes to the center of the map

The leaked Cube Town POI is expected to come in Fortnite Season 8 during Halloween (Image via Sportskeeda)
The leaked Cube Town POI is expected to come in Fortnite Season 8 during Halloween (Image via Sportskeeda)
Avhinandan Chakraborty

Fortnite Season 8 map changes are happening gradually and not at a single time, as most players expected at the start of the season. Loopers have already witnessed a few changes due to the Cubes moving around the island and destroying POIs.

However, a major one is supposed to come during the Halloween season and it will see the center of the map change, similar to what happens every season. The center of the map is also supposed to house the Zero Point beneath it, something the Cubes seem to be attracted to.

so i heard that all of cubes on the chapter 2 season 8 map. will be heading to the middle with there babys. they will be making a town and after that BOOM! zero point is back🧐

Only data file concepts are available for this upcoming POI on the Fortnite island, and it might play a huge role in the story of this "Cubed" themed season.

Popular leaker posts about the upcoming Fortnite POI

The annual Halloween season will see the return of the popular Fortnitemares mode in the game. In the same update, it is expected that the center of the map will be changed to Cube Town, after all the rolling cubes reach the center to initiate the next part of this mysterious story.

Hypex posted about this phenomenon earlier today and it seems like the crude data file images of Cube Town are going to become a reality soon.

The middle of the map has changed every season this chapter except S8 (so far), but it's planned to be changed to a "Cube Town" full of chests & cube bounce pads this Fortnitemares when all the cubes reach the middle!But while we're at it, which middle of the map was the best?

Previous leaks on the themed POI for Season 8 suggested a Pyramid or Egyptian POI would be added to Fortnite. However, leakers have now confirmed the existence of Cube Town, which suggests the other one was scratched by Epic Games or false information in the first place.

MAYBE This is the exact placement of the new Cube Town POI #FortniteCubed #FortniteSeason8

Cube Town is expected to be filled with chests and bounce pads and therefore will definitely become a Season 8 hot drop once it releases. Players can also expect slipstreams to be a part of this POI and aid them in escaping if things get too hot early on into a match. Furthermore, there are leaks of a Cubed character coming out at the same time as the Cube Town POI in Fortnite.

A lot of exciting content awaits Fortnite players in Season 8. With a long way to go, the fight against the evil Cubes might get tougher and destructive for the island.

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