Fortnite Week 7 Challenges: Easy method to mark weapons of all rarity with an NPC trick

Weapon Rarity Upgrade (Image via Epic Games)
Weapon Rarity Upgrade (Image via Epic Games)
Manuel "Zeus" Escobar

Every new Fortnite week brings many more weekly challenges. With week 7, many new challenges have come and players are making the rounds to complete them all.

One of the new challenges is to mark weapons of all rarities in-game. This can be hard when players only run into common and uncommon weapons.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to complete this challenge in one match if done right.

Mark weapons of all rarity in Fortnite

As stated earlier, sometimes, it’s hard to find weapon rarities that aren't common or uncommon. This is mainly because this is the new meta and baseline for Fortnite.

Usually, players are lucky to find a rare weapon on the floor when looting, but this isn't always the case. Typically, players need to either upgrade on their own or kill a Spire Guardian to get a weapon of any kind of rarity aside from uncommon.

The best way to complete this challenge is to head to a Fortnite NPC for help. On the map, there are a total of 6 NPCs that can help a player with upgrades. Players can run towards Jonesy the First, Bandolette, Dummy, The Reaper, Remedy, or Jules to get a weapon upgrade. When players do visit any one of these NPCs, they can easily draw out a common weapon, mark it, and then upgrade it with the respective NPC.

Once upgraded, the weapon should become an uncommon weapon and can be marked again. Repeating the process turns the weapon into a rare class, then epic, then legendary. This process covers all 5 of the 7 rarities, so for the next two, some more NPC’s are needed. Players can head to an NPC like Burnout near Steamy Stacks to then purchase the exotic rarity weapon, The Dub.

After marking The Dub, the last rarity can be marked after defeating an NPC such as Raz at the main Spire Tower. After defeating him, he will drop a Mythic Explosive Bow, completing the Fortnite rarity mark.

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