How to get the Fortnite Season 7 Victory Royale glider

Fortnite Season 7 Invasion Victory Royale umbrella (Image via Twitter)
Fortnite Season 7 Invasion Victory Royale umbrella (Image via Twitter)
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Epic recently released the v17.00 update that kicked off Fortnite Season 7. The alien-themed season brought forth several changes to the map, including a new Battle Pass system, exciting in-game cosmetics, and driveable UFOs.

Each season of Fortnite brings a new Victory glider for gamers. Data miners anticipated that the Victory Umbrella for Season 7 would reflect the alien-themed season.

Epic recently revealed the Victory Royale glider for Season 7, and gamers have wondered how to get hold of it.

This article will dive into the Victory Umbrella details and guide gamers on how to claim it for free.

Fortnite Season 7: Claiming the Victory Royale Umbrella

Fortnite Season 7 saw the island transition from a Primal theme to an Alien theme. Loopers got a taste of alien activity on the island right from the end of Season 6. Several leaks from data miners also indicated the battle royale was going towards an alien-themed season.

Fortnite Season 7 kicked off in style, and the Battle Pass trailer revealed that aliens were trying to invade the island. Gamers also get a glimpse of popular cosmetics that will feature as Battle Pass rewards.

Epic also revealed the Victory Umbrella for Season 7. The top of the umbrella is in the form of a UFO. A metallic finish has been added to make it realistic, and the pink illumination resembles the glowing lights from the UFOs portal. The Umbrella has been named "Invasion," which reflects the Season 7 theme.

Getting hold of the Victory Umbrella is very easy. Gamers need to perform a small task to get hold of the Season 7 Victory glider.

Loopers will need to enter any battle royale mode and march away towards victory. After winning a match, returning to the Fortnite lobby will reveal the coveted "Invasion" Victory Royale Umbrella.

Gamers must keep in mind that Victory Royale Umbrella by winning a match in BR mode. The Invasion Umbrella won't be rewarded by winning the Team Rumble or any other LTMs.

Fortnite Season 7 commenced on June 8th and will be over on September 12th. Gamers have ample time to enter the game and claim victory to get hold of the Umbrella.

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