Top 10 things leaked about the first update of Fortnite Chapter 3

Fortnite Chapter 3 still has a lot planned (Image via Epic Games)
Fortnite Chapter 3 still has a lot planned (Image via Epic Games)
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Fortnite Chapter 3 just arrived and the first major update is right around the corner. There have been a few issues with the chapter and not everything is working as perfectly as Epic Games would have wanted. This update will largely fix all of the issues as well as introduce a few planned additions.

Leaks have been coming fast and furious in anticipation of the first update. Here are the top 10 things players can look forward to when the first update drops.

Leaks for the first Fortnite Chapter 3 update

10) Shield Aura

Two NPCs will reportedly get a lot more useful in this update. A shield aura item has been leaked and is highly likely to be introduced. This mythical item will regenerate shields for players and allies. It will be sold by Lt. John Llama and The Scientist.

Upcoming "Shield Aura" Backpack Item - "Regenerates shield to you and nearby allies over time, up to a cap."It gives 1 Shield per second, and it has a max cap for 50 shield (per play i think).

9) Shield Spray

The trailer highlighted a new throwable item for Chapter 3 that hasn't arrived yet. It worked similarly to chug splashes in that it would spray chug juice over the surrounding area, covering players and their teammates. It's been rumored to arrive in the next update.

8) Mythic Weapons

This update will introduce new Mythic versions of four weapons: The Striker Pump Shotgun, the Sidearm Pistol, the Ranger Assault Rifle, the Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle and the Auto Shotgun.

Stats for a Mythic Version of the Auto Shotgun also exist!Extra Info: If ALL 12 pellets that get fired from a single shot hit a player (no headshots), that would be a total of 97.2 damage.#Fortnite #FortniteLeaks

7) Snowball Launcher

With the holiday season arriving, Fortnite will be introducing the snowball launcher once again. It's a fan favorite and would be the first explosive weapon to be added to Chapter 3, and the first weapon from a previous chapter to make it into the current one.

The snowball launcher will be making a return soon (Image via Epic Games)
The snowball launcher will be making a return soon (Image via Epic Games)

6) Tilted Towers

The snow will begin melting with this update, eventually leaving the map totally without snow. Underneath the snow is none other than Tilted Towers, making its triumphant return very soon.

TILTED TOWERS WILL BE 100% BE BACK BY WEEK 8!! 馃敟This is because one Week 8 Challenge is "Eliminate an opponent in Tilted Towers" !!!(Thanks to @MidaRado for making me aware of this!)

5) Winter trucks

There are special winter-themed Crackshot Quadcrashers in certain locations around the map. Soon, there will be trucks with the same decorations on them.

4) Tent upgrades

Tents are a great addition to the game and soon they'll be a lot better. Epic is working on adding picnic tables, upgrade stations and campfires to the tents. These will be added by the players once it's active.

Tents will be getting a major upgrade soon (Image via Epic Games)
Tents will be getting a major upgrade soon (Image via Epic Games)

3) Smart build

There was a leak a while ago about the smart build feature that would allow players to build preset items with the push of a button. The latest leaks suggest that it will arrive in the game in the next update.

2) Dinosaurs

The dinosaur found in the Fortnite Chapter 3 trailer will reportedly be added very soon. The beast is named Butter Cake and will be added no later than Week 7.

The new Dinosaurs will be added to #Fortnite by Week 7.Week 7 Quest: "Throw a Butter Berry while standing within 10 meters of a [Butter Cake]"(via @ShiinaBR)

1) Saddle

Epic has reportedly been working on introducing rideable animals for a while. Pretty soon, a saddle item will be introduced into Fortnite that will allow players to ride any wildlife.

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