NFL pro claims Fortnite Zero build mode is the 'future' of the game, Twitter reacts

NFL Pro appreciates Fortnite for releasing Zero Build mode (Image via Sportskeeda)
NFL Pro appreciates Fortnite for releasing Zero Build mode (Image via Sportskeeda)

The introduction of Zero Build mode shook the Fortnite community, which includes NFL Pro Kurt Benkert. The quarterback for the Green Bay Packers is an avid gamer who loves to stream on Twitch during the offseason.

Like millions of other players, Benkert believes that Zero Build mode will be integral to Fortnite's growth. In a recent tweet, he claimed that Zero Build is the future.

Idk who needs to hear this but Zero Build Fortnite is the future of the game.

Here's everything to know about the mixed response towards Benkert's tweet.

Fortnite players open up on the necessity of Zero Build mode

Removal of building has always been a bone of contention among Loopers. Pros and sweats feel that building is what defines Fortnite, while casuals think that it is equally enjoyable without building and editing.

Owing to his obligations as an NFL pro, Kurt Benkert is not the most frequent player of the game. It is evident that he streams to interact with the fans and even makes a fortune from it. So much so that the NFL star made more money from gaming than playing in the league in 2021. Brands like G Fuel sponsor his streams and he is undoubtedly happy with content creation.

Come vibe for some off day games 🤙🏼

Kurt Benkert is by no means a sweat and accordingly, he loves Zero Build mode. Several of his followers deem that Epic Games should have added such separate modes as well.

Zero Build should not be seen as a mode that requires less skill. Instead of building and editing, Loopers have to rely on terrain and other mechanics like Sprint, Mantle, Overshield, and Slide to win games.

@KurtBenkert Obviously it opens it up to non-builders, but it makes the strategy with terrain and weird items way more important!
@KurtBenkert No building has made it so much more enjoyable. I get building was the original intent, but someone building got Taj Mahal then dropping with a shotgun is about as weak as can be.
@KurtBenkert Yup. It lowers the barrier of entry to people that can't build at light speed which expands the playerbase and it incentivizes team play more since you can't just put up walls and lock down areas anymore
@KurtBenkert Game is way better without all that unnecessary building
@KurtBenkert it literally brought me back to the game since chapter 1 season 7. incredibly fun
@KurtBenkert Last night was my first time playing the game. It was pretty damn fun. I’ll take it over COD right now.

Having said that, a fair share of Benkert's followers feel that building is an essential part of Epic Games' battle royale title and should always be a part of competitive.

@KurtBenkert It is for the casual side of the game, but when it comes to competitive building is necessary
@KurtBenkert So its just nite then. Gotta change the name. Fortnite with no forts just sounds stupid
@KurtBenkert Its tough bc building is such an awesome mechanic and a “game changer” it just got out of hand. The early says were 🐐 status gaming.
@KurtBenkert Just no just no just no, might as well play PUBG

How is Zero Build the 'future' of Fortnite?

Zero Build mode makes it easier for newbies to begin playing Fortnite . They can avoid facing sweats who build sky-scrapers within seconds, and play with like-minded players who enjoy gunplay and other 'casual' strategies.

If Epic Games had not taken this step, the ever-increasing skill gap between new and old players would have deteriorated. Thousands of players have admitted to quitting the game because it became too sweaty. Naturally, not everyone can grind in Creative for hours to become better builders.


Despite contrasting opinions on his Zero Build tweet, it is safe to assume that Kurt Benkert will continue playing Fortnite for years to come.

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