Ranking every Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Battle Pass skin, from most to least likable

New battle pass skins (Image via Epic Games)
New battle pass skins (Image via Epic Games)

The Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 battle pass was finally released yesterday with the season's official arrival. After having no information on what skins were coming (save for one leak regarding a potential Doctor Strange battle pass), players could finally see what they could get this season.

All skins have been revealed, including the "secret skin" that will be unlocked through challenges later. Here are all the skins available this season, ranked on how good they are.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the views of the author.

All Chapter 3 Season 2 Fortnite skins, ranked

8) Erisa

Erisa looks a lot like other skins. She's designed in the anime style used for the Naruto skins and others. That's not necessarily bad, but it doesn't help this skin. It also looks a lot like the Lexa skin, so it's probably not very popular.

7) Tsuki 2.0

#PS5Share, #Fortnite i like how they made a 2.0 version of Tsuki

Tsuki 2.0 is the first skin Fortnite gamers unlock when they get the battle pass. Sometimes the first battle pass skin is good, like with Toona Fish or Kymera. Other times, it's not that good, and this is one of those times. It is popular simply because everyone has it right now, but it's not a great skin.

6) The Imagined

The Imagined is a highly anticipated addition and a member of The Seven. One half of The Sisters leaked through a comic book cover and has finally made her Fortnite debut. The skin looks good, and the alternate styles are decent, too.

5) Kiara K.O.

💛KIARA KO💛 (HILO) Parte 1¡Tercera chica del Pase de Batalla!Página 5 tendremos a la amada líder del escuadrón Tango y parte del Conjunto Capitana KO y su recolor estará en la Página 7🤩#Fortnite #FortniteFlipped #FortniteSeason2 #Argentina #Mexico #Espana #GamesNews

Fortunately, Kiara K.O. has a lot of additional unlockable styles. Otherwise, it's just an average skin. It's nothing special, but it is decent. The battle passes of late have been filled with decent original skins, and Kiara is no different.

4) Origin

As with most characters, Origin looks better with his mask on. Still, the maskless version looks good enough, and there are plenty of alternate styles. The Fortnite battle pass features two members of The Seven, and this one is the best.

3) Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange (Image via Epic Games)
Doctor Strange (Image via Epic Games)

The only skin players could have expected was Doctor Strange, and it delivered on the hype. It's a great skin with tremendous cosmetics. The glider, pickaxe, and built-in emote are all amazing. The only downside to the Doctor Strange skin is the lack of styles, though half of the bonus rewards haven't been revealed.

2) Gunnar

Gunnar is one of the best original skins a battle pass has seen in a while. The alternate styles are fantastic, and this brings one of the coolest characters in the game to the battle pass. Of all the immediately available skins, Gunnar is by far the best.

1) The Prowler


Given that Doctor Strange was leaked, not many players expected a second Marvel skin, and it most likely wasn't the Prowler. Wanda Maximoff seemed likely, but the Prowler was added instead. He looks incredible and is easily the best skin from this season. Unfortunately, Fortnite players will have to wait a long time to get it.

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