Family Guy among several leaked skins that could be arriving in Fortnite soon

Upcoming crossovers in Fortnite Chapter 3 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Upcoming crossovers in Fortnite Chapter 3 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fortnite and its obsession with crossovers hasn't changed in Chapter 3. In fact, the collaborations over the past few months have been ground-breaking in terms of popularity. These include Dr. Strange, Spider-Man, and Naruto, to name a few.

From the looks of it, Epic Games has even bigger plans for Chapter 3 Season 3. The likes of Darth Vader and Peter Griffin from Family Guy are expected to arrive in the Item Shop.


Here's every leaked crossover that Loopers can potentially look forward to in Chapter 3.

Fortnite teases Indiana Jones and Family Guy crossovers at Unreal Engine 5 livestream

Rumors regarding a Family Guy crossover have been floating around for a long time now. Even though the famous animated show is R rated, bringing characters like Peter, Brian, Louis, or Meg (or Megatron Griffin) won't cause any harm.

Family Guy Collab Soon? Eyes This backbling texture got decrypted with the street fighter cosmetics (via: @GMatrixGames)

Moreover, PG/R rated characters like Deadpool and Rick were massive hits when they were released as skins, and Peter Griffin can certainly be a great addition to this list.

During the State of Unreal showcase there was a segment showing the Intro Cinematic for Ch3 - S1.On the second monitor you can see some folders such as:- Family Guy- Chapter 3 - Season 3 Jones- Chapter 3 - Season 3 - Vader- Doomand some other filesSpotted by @polaqwym

These claims stem from the recent Unreal Showcase by Epic Games, where viewers spotted the following folders:

  • Family Guy
  • Chapter 3- Season 3 Jones
  • Chapter 3- Season 3 Vader
  • Doom

Epic Games has a long history of teasing upcoming content in the most subtle manner. It wouldn't be a surprise if the aforementioned folders were intentionally showcased during the event.

Upcoming collaborations that we already know of:- Obi-Wan Kenobi (Later this season)- Darth Vader (Season 3)- Indiana Jones (Season 3)- Doom Slayer (Unknown release date)- Family Guy (Unknown release date)- Fall Guys (Unknown release date)

In addition, prominent and credible leakers like Shiina have confirmed that Darth Vader will be a boss in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3. It's unclear if Fortress Vader will be added to the map as well.

@0_S215 @ShiinaBR Epic leaked it in their Unreal Engine 5 presentation live stream, alongside a lot of other big collabsTabor Hill then confirmed that Darth Vader will be a boss on the map, and I'm very sure this never happened with Item Shop outfits so far.

Star Wars fans will be delighted to know that an Obi-Wan Kenobi skin is in the works. The trailer is already out, and players might be able to unlock the skin in the coming weeks.

Fortnite x OBI WAN KENOBI TEASER TRAILER! #Fortnite #StarWars

Fortnite CCO Donald Mustard teases Indiana Jones crossover on Twitter

Donald Mustard is known for dropping hints related to future skins in his social media posts. In one of his posts about Star Wars, Loopers spotted an Indiana Jones figurine, and it is safe to assume that a crossover is imminent. It is expected to be officiated in Season 3.

That Storm Trooper sure sounds familiar…! #MayThe4thBeWithYou

Shiina also talked about a Doom Slayer collaboration, but the latest developments in the game tell a different story. Apparently, the Doom folder refers to the upcoming IO NPC named Doom, who is most likely related to the newly added Doomsday device in The Collider POI.

Having said that, Fortnite might just add Doom Slayer as an NPC because anything and everything is possible in the game's metaverse.

There is a new IO NPC Codenamed "Doom"

Overall, the lineup of crossovers planned for the rest of Chapter 3 looks better than ever. At the other end of the spectrum, the lore is also at its best as all members of The Seven have been revealed, and the community's expectations from the Chapter 3 Season 2 live event are sky-scraping.

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