Fortnite Chapter 3 teasers we know of so far

Leaked images and more evidence online suggest that Fortnite Chapter 3 is imminent at the end of the current season (Image via Twitter/ Astro)
Leaked images and more evidence online suggest that Fortnite Chapter 3 is imminent at the end of the current season (Image via Twitter/ Astro)

Fortnite Chapter 3 is incoming and there is a lot of evidence to support this theory. Currently, players are only waiting on an official notice from Fortnite to confirm the introduction of the new Chapter.

The Cube Queen's intentions are clear and in the rumored Season 8 live event, players will witness 'the end' of the island at the hands of the Leader of the Last Reality.

However, if there are still some who believe Chapter 2 will continue with a Season 9, this article will provide all the major teasers for Chapter 3 that have been propagated in the past few weeks.

All evidence that suggest Fortnite Chapter 3 is coming soon early December 2021

5) Page Turner emote

The leaked Page-Turner Emote has an interesting description:"Just a second, I'm almost at the end of the chapter." #Fortnite

A new emote was released in the Item Shop in Season 8 and while it was not an extraordinary addition, the description of the emote turned a lot of heads. The Page Turner emote arrived with these words:

Just a second, I'm almost at the end of the chapter.

This was one of the first teasers of Chapter 3 incoming later this year as soon as Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 was over.

4) "Catch you on the Flipside!"

2 weeks ago @TaborTimeYT uploaded a video titled "Chapter 3 May Be Closer Than You Think" and at the end he says "Catch ya on the flipside".And today @SypherPK uploaded a video titled "Fortnite Chapter 3 is SOON!" and he says "Catch you guys on the flipside" at the end. 👀

Multiple Fortnite content creators started repeating the same phrase "Catch you on the Flipside." From Sypher PK to Tabor Hill, content creators made speculative videos on the probability of Chapter 3 coming after the supposed conclusion of Season 8.

Each of them ended their videos with this phrase. This made it clear that Epic Games was sharing some information about the future of Fortnite with influential creators. Unsurprisingly, casual players weren't privy to these revelations.

3) Cube Queen is hell bent on destroying it all

ICYMI: The updated #Fortnite map for Season 8:

The Cube Queen in Fortnite Season 8 is the central antagonist of this season and everything about her spells doom for the island. Her pickaxe is known as the Reality Bender, and her anthem speaks of the current reality burning. Multiple leaks have suggested she will spread the corruption across the island before destroying it altogether at the Season 8 live event.

2) Fortnite Season 8 live event playlist is called "The End"

The new Guava Event”New Playlist Name is: [The End]#Fortnite #FortniteEvent #FortniteCubed

The reveal of the live event playlist for Fortnite Season 8 is perhaps the biggest evidence anyone would need to understand that Fortnite Chapter 3 is arriving this December.

There is also a leak that suggests players will witness a 48 hour downtime in the game as the content for the upcoming season gets prepared. The last time players received such massive downtime was during the introduction of Fortnite Chapter 2.

1) Donald Mustard's Twitter banner

🔔 Donald Mustard teases Chapter 3 with new Twitter Banner…

Perhaps the biggest giveaway is the Twitter Banner of Epic Games COO, Donald Mustard. The Flipside can be seen in the picture along with the Zero Point glowing. His bio reads "Reality Zero," which suggests something new is on the horizon.

If one was to guess, the Cube Queen will probably keep her word of destroying the current reality and players will march to "Reality Zero" once the current season is over.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul
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