When does Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 start – Season 6 end date, leaks, possible theme and more

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games
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Almost as soon as a new Fortnite season begins, players begin thinking about the next one.

Now, Fortnite players have plenty of reason to start discussing the next season. Season 6 is winding down and Season 7 will arrive in the blink of an eye. That is usually how it goes.


As of now, there is no confirmed start date for Season 7 or even an end date for Season 6. It is pretty easy to figure it out though, based on some details found within Fortnite.

When does Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 start – Season 6 end date, leaks, possible theme and more

Season 6 End Date

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games

The Epic Games website and the in-game Battlepass countdown all point to June 7, 2021. That is when the Battlepass for Fortnite Season 6 will expire. Players can assume the season will end around that time.

Of course, the season ending doesn't always happen right away. Epic Games has been known to extend seasons in the past so that players can complete challenges or simply because they aren't ready for the new season.

Also, it doesn't necessarily mean Season 7 will start right away. There may be some downtime because of servers or another situation like the blackhole where fans have to wait a while for the new Fortnite season to launch.

So, when does Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 end? Probably sometime around June 7th. When does Fornite Chapter 2 Season 7 start? Probably sometime shortly after Season 6 ends on June 7.


As always, there are plenty of dataminers and leakers sharing information about Fortnite Season 7. Take this as speculation until Epic Games actually confirms or adds these things to the game, however.

With a huge focus on Batman in the Zero Point comic, many believe that will not end with Season 6. There are rumors that a full-fledged DC Comics themed Season 7 is on the horizon, much like the previous Marvel themed seasons.

There are some notable DC Comics characters being added as skins in Fortnite. It only makes sense for that continuation and to give fans a different type of superhero-themed season.

Knowing Epic Games though, Season 6 could end it all. Season 7 could see another completely different type of Fortnite. The map could change, the story could change, and the theme could be unpredictable.


The above theme is wishful and hopeful thinking by players of the game. If any leaks are true, the theme may actually take Fortnite to a more medieval period in its life cycle.

HYPEX is a notable Fortnite leaker on Twitter and he is all in on the medieval Fortnite theme for Chapter 2 Season 7. Several tweets have been sent out regarding map updates and skins.

This shows off some massive trees and props in-game that could easily be a medieval forest and parts of a medieval town. That wouldn't be too surprising, as Fortnite hasn't gone down that route yet.

Also, HYPEX shared an interesting look at some of the iconic Fortnite food characters in alternate skins. They are dressed as knights. These just bring even further potential for a medieval Fortnite season.

Nothing is set in stone. it is only a matter of time before Epic Games pulls the trigger on Season 7 and gives players exactly what they are looking for.

Whether DC Comics takes charge, or the island is thrust back into medieval times, it is going to be a wild ride once Season 6 ends. Hopefully a stellar live event pulls it all together.

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