Who are the Sisters and Geno in Fortnite? New leak reveals possible first look

The Sisters in Fortnite Chapter 3 (Image via Sportskeeda)
The Sisters in Fortnite Chapter 3 (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Fortnite's storyline has become even more complex with Chapter 3 Season 1. After The Foundation and The Visitor, the remaining members of The Seven will be revealed in the upcoming seasons.

Loopers are also excited to learn more about The Sisters and Geno in Fortnite. These characters were first mentioned in Chapter 2 Season 6, when Agent Jonesy promised to take the The Foundation to Geno and The Sisters.

Here's what The Sisters might look like, based on some recent leaks.

Fortnite survey reveals the possible first-look of The Sisters

A Fortnite survey sent out by Epic Games recently contained 44 skin concepts that could potentially arrive in Chapter 3. Naturally, players and leakers carefully inspected each design and gave feedback.

NEW UPCOMING SKINS!! (Sent via a recent Survey from Epic, thanks to @UNDER_SHADOWS_ for sending me the URL)

Interestingly, HYPEX spotted three skins with suits that match with The Seven's suits in many ways.

This might be the biggest stretch but.. *Could* this be The Origin & The Sisters?I know their suit colors don't match the pattern, but the suit design/pattern does match The Seven's suits in many ways.. But again, the 2 females could be 1 skin with edit styles.

The leaker then claimed that the male outfit is most likely The Origin and the two female outfits might be The Sisters.

Having said that, there's also a possibility that the female outfits are just edit styles of a skin.

Who are Geno and The Sisters in Fortnite?

In the Batman/Fortnite comics, The Foundation revealed that Geno is the one who controls Zero Point. Considering that the Imagined Order currently has control over Zero Point, many players believe that Geno is the head of Dr. Slone and the Imagined Order.

Regardless of their role in the IO, Geno is also expected to be a member of The Seven. As per some fan theories, Geno originally belonged to the Kymera but betrayed them to help The Seven. If these theories are true, then The Origin and Geno are the same person.

It is evident that The Foundation and other members of The Seven are eagerly looking for Geno. They might be looking forward to hunting down the IO head and taking revenge.

"I have been living my worst nightmare every day ever since the Zero Point fell into the hands of Geno"-The Foundation (Batman/Fortnite: Foundation)So no, Geno is not one of The Seven people, he is most likely the Leader of the IO

On the flip side, there's no information on the power and role of The Sisters. Nevertheless, they are considered two of the most important characters in the storyline.


It will certainly be surprising if Epic Games has actually revealed three of the most anticipated characters in Fortnite through a mere survey. However, the developer has a long history of surprising the fans, and the arrival of Geno and The Sisters might be closer than players anticipate.

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