The 'Flex' phenomenon in Fortnite: How OG skins intimidate opponents before a fight even begins

Renegade Raider is one of the sweatiest and rarest skins in Fortnite Battle Royale (Image via wallpaper access)
Renegade Raider is one of the sweatiest and rarest skins in Fortnite Battle Royale (Image via wallpaper access)

Fortnite has been around for a while and has garnered a massive following from all over the world. Players who have been playing since 2017 have invested hundreds of hours into the game; becoming experts in building and other tactics in Fortnite.

These players usually make life very hard for other casual players who haven't been around for the longest time on Fortnite island. OG players often use the sweatiest of skins in the game because it is a mark of prestige to show how many hours they have put into the game.

However, every player who uses a sweaty skin like Renegade Raider or Skull Trooper is not sweaty. These skins are usually rare and the players who possess them are the ones who have been playing the game since its inception.


Initial players have been through the entirety of Chapter 1 and have seen the map change with the beginning of Chapter 2. These players have conquered Tilted Towers and broken out of the deadliest of traps. Therefore, 'flex' is the phenomenon where OG players strike fear in other players' hearts when they meet in the game.

Why do OG players like to wear sweaty outfits even though Fortnite offers so many cool skins?

If players spot a Renegade Raider or an Aura around them, there might be a chance that they are in for a fight with one of the best players in Fortnite. However, any player can pick any outfit for whatever reason, and It's not necessary to presume that every player who uses a sweaty skin is extremely good at Fortnite.

However, most good players in the Fortnite community do not care about fancy skins and like to wear the same outfit they used to back in the beginning when they were grinding the game for hours.

As mentioned above, this is their mark and prestige to get recognition for all the hard work put into Fortnite. The 'flex' happens in-game when newbies meet these players and are easily demolished within seconds.

Nonetheless, it is best to treat every player with respect because skins at the end of the day are mostly paid cosmetics and skill has nothing to do with skins directly. So it is best not to underestimate Rick Sanchez or Kymera Alien, lest they turn out to be pros of the game.

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